Who is to blame for child obesity essay

Children learn from example and mimic what they witness from their parents. Clearly, it is the fault of the parents for choosing to eat unhealthy foods and feeding them to their children, regardless if they read the label.

Parents are the ones who start bring home fast food when they are too lazy to cook.

This is where the problem begins. With the growing number of children being overweight in Canada it is time for society to stop pointing the finger and realize that everyone needs to pull together and stop this epidemic.

They are the ones who teach their children eating and exercising habits, they are the ones who let their young consume unhealthy foods, they are the ones who allow their children to watch television and play on the computer for hours on end; obviously, it is the parents fault for obesity in youth.

Parents are lazy when it comes to feeding their children, and have lost the desire to prepare meals, which is important to create a balanced diet for their family. It is easy to point the finger at the parents because the parents are the ones who provide for the child, but society needs to take into account the other issues a family may face regarding food availability and choice.

Busy work schedules have made eating a fast pace event where the child is the victim.

Parents have the opportunity to change the weight of the next generation. The mom had finally caved in. The television is literally making children gain weight.

Restaurants and the fast food industries have made their products desirable to kids through mainly toys and colouring. As a family parents need to guide children through healthy eating and physical activity routines, oppose to dieting or just eating less.

The Observer London, England. Parents let their kids eat unhealthy foods. Parents have control and a say in what their children eat. There is many misconceptions on childhood obesity, and who is truly to blame for this epidemic. What parents and society teaches children will carry out into the future and will shape communities to come.

This early age is critical for parents to inform their children about healthy eating, or provide them with healthy foods.

Child Obesity: Who is to blame?

Physical activity needs to play an important role in the lives of our children, and the school as a social and educational physicality, need to provide the proper time and opportunity for exercise. Parents are adults and adults are smart enough to know how to read nutrition labels. Not having the access to healthy foods makes it nearly impossible for a child to learn and grow up with healthy food choices.

The mother of the boy was really standing her ground-- up until the kid had a meltdown. With proper knowledge children can learn to ignore the temping encouragement to eat unhealthy snacks and fast food, and can become independent thinkers and make the right decisions.

The parents provide the money for the lunches, vending machines, and provide the meals a child will consume. The Fast Food Trap. If the they continuously feed their children a Big Mac and french fries, their children are going to continuously want a Big Mac and french fries.

There is no need for a child to be overweight their entire life, there should be more encouragement to help communities, families, and organizations to put an end to childhood obesity. Those kids will be lazy for the rest of their lives. Between the percentage of meals and snacks eaten at fast food restaurants doubled Ruskin, Parents set the example for their children throughout their life.

After all, the habits of most adults reflect on what their parents modeled for them in their younger years. On the other hand, others may say that it is portion distortion that is making America fat.

Parents are the ones to blame. If the environment of a child is poor, then their healthy is likely to be poor. Children who do not receive a healthy lunch from their parents or the school, the alternative is to purchase sugar drinks, soft drinks, and unhealthy snacks from the vending machines.

In low income areas such as Rexdale in Toronto the amount of fast food restaurants within walking distance of residence is a large difference compared to higher income areas such as Leadside. It is important to keep in mind that there are factors such as money and environment that make it difficult for a family to eat healthy.

From toAmerican children have added snack calories per day to their diets; a study finds Healy, Typically lots of cheap food is not healthy for anyone, let alone a growing child who needs a wide range of healthy foods to grow properly.

I wanted to be just like them and do everything they did. They know that fast food is not a good choice. Parents should not be providing the large packs of soda, snacks, and sugar because they are simply teaching their child it is okay to have this unhealthy food on a regular basis.Obesity Essay “Before most children can speak, they can recognize McDonald’s.” This embarassing truth proves who is to blame for the fast food obesity crisis.

Childhood Obesity: Fast Food Companies Are To Blame Essay example - Since the fast food industry is targeting America’s youth, providing healthier options on children’s menus will reduce the rate of childhood obesity and allow for a healthy future. Below is an essay on "Parents Should Be Blamed for Childhood Obesity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Topic: Parents should be blamed for childhood obesity/5(1). Today childhood obesity is the most common nutritional disorder affecting children and teens (Peters, ). Obesity is not just being overweight; it can contribute to a risk of ‍strokes, heart disease, type II diabetes, cancers and arthritis (‍McVeigh, ).

A public health group in California has asked the governor to declare childhood obesity a state of emergency. However, parents-- not the fast-food companies- are to blame for the amount of overweight children that are present today. Obesity is less of a struggle during the childhood years, when habits are easier to change for the future.

However, if obesity is an ongoing problem with a child by the age of eight, the health condition is more likely to be severe when he or she is an adult.

Who is to blame for child obesity essay
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