The well paid receptionist executve summary

These drivers include competitor values, owner values, third party values, supplier values, individual employee values, organizational cultural values and external employee values.

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But does he have this obligation forever? He finds it very hard to fire Cathy because she is very valuable to the company, and worse still, he made the 2 per cent promise himself. Harvey is torn between two decisions which will greatly affect the organizations VOT.

On the other hand some of the drivers have a negative impact on each other to the effect that should one aspect have positive values, it affects the other aspect negatively.

The decision Harvey makes will greatly determine whether these customer trends continue or take a new turn. These include organizational culture values, individual employee values, customer values and owner values Pohlman et al, The 2 per cent incentive turned out to be some good money; a good reward for her hard work over the years.

In addition, her presence in the main hall of the office makes her accessible to all the customers and employees. The other determinant of an employee value could be knowledges and experience. Problem is that Cathy could refuse to agree with this idea.

She had many positive traits like enthusiasm about assisting to start up comany. He checked her references and both were extremely positive.

Once the organizational culture has been changed for the better, the company will find it easier to implement Value Driven Management. Her past record shows that she embraces Value Driven Management and thinks long term.

She was bright, articulate and Harvey knew he wanted her to be his first employee. Implementation plan Troupville Business Systems needs to embrace Value Driven Management as soon as they can, if not immediately.

He has great patience and believes in himself as witnessed from his initial days as a service technician, and steadily rising through the ranks before finally starting his own company.

In order to maximize on Value over Time, the company has no option but to embrace some of the drivers that lead towards that end.

She was amazing, possessed both qualifications in office administration and seven years of experience in two employers. At that time, he did not have enough to pay her the salary she desired so he made her share in the profits of the firm.

She became more of an administrator of the office and the business than just a common receptionist. Harvey felt something had to be done. Other employees could find out sonner or later how much Cathy gets and thus the feelings of unfairness, loss of motivation and requirements on salary increases of others could arise.

Such duties include marketing, which should be taken up by professional marketers. They will take the worst twist if Cathy is fired or de-motivated since the already existing customers-company relationships are important for the company.

This system would be more motivating because employees would be remunered directly for their effort.The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis (Group / Team): Please follow the proceeding suggestions for analyzing your case studies in this class.

All grades for case analysis will be based on the values theory, suggestions made by the instructor, and the directions given in your VDM textbook.

Well-Paid Receptionist: Case Analysis Essay

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Order now Realistic Alternatives There are a few ways through which this problem can be addressed, and one of the way includes talking to Ms Brannen and advising her the fact that there was an oversight in the salary she is being.

The Well Paid Receptionist Executve Summary Analysis of “The Well Paid Receptionist ” Harvey Finley is in quite the predicament.

He his company’s net profit should be approximately $, greater than he expected for this year. More Essay Examples on Employment Rubric.

This case presents a number of issues, which if not well addressed, could negatively affect the Value over Time, VOT of the firm - The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis introduction.

Harvey Finley desperately needed an employee for his new firm; not just any employee, but one who would have.

The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis Essay

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The well paid receptionist executve summary
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