The use of metafiction in the book the people of paper by salvador plascencia

Then the third section begins.

The war on Saturn

Prologue[ edit ] The prologue tells the story of the creation of the character later known as Merced de Papel, a woman made of paper by Antonio, a former monk who had been famed for his abilities as an origami surgeon, meaning that he performed successful organ transplants using organs made of folded paper.

I do not wish to draw any conclusion from that myself, so take that as you will.

The people of paper

Had I read this a few years ago it probably would have made a larger impact on me. Non-EMF characters who get sections to themselves include Rita Hayworth known as "Margarita" ; Merced de Papel, who receives her name from Little Merced; Ignacio, the mechanic who provides the lead shields; Apolonio, a curandero who helps Froggy overcome his sadness at losing Sandra; Santos, a saint who has been hiding from the church by living as a popular luchador ; and Baby Nostradamus, an infant whose mother tells fortunes.

Meanwhile, the EMF members have realized that the lead shielding is making them all sick; with the help of Apolonio the curandero, they regain their health and tear down all the lead. The book left me wanting in a few other ways as well since this is a very surface novel.

The overwhelming Bad Plascencia tries his best to dazzle you with all his metafictional finery because the actual substance of his work is where the magic of the book really begins waning. The sky is falling[ edit ] The third book begins with Saturn briefly silent, but eventually returning to his watching over El Monte.

By papal decree there were to be no more people born of the ground or from the marrow of bones. There is not much lying in wait beneath the words to be untapped and I felt there was so much emphasis on the flair of the book that the subtleties and depth was greatly sacrificed.

It is like reading a catalogue of conceptual artworks: But as medical technology surpassed his skills, he started creating origami animals and, eventually, the origami woman.

Though we might say that there is some kind of healing by the end of this story, I find it to be a very, very angry story, one that some of us might write in the heat of a devastating breakup and then, some years later, be embarassed that we even considered to be literature.

Fucking white boys and making asbestos fall from the attic. There really are a lot of good things going for this novel, as Plascencia wields some rather innovative tricks, literally cutting names out of the pages actual holes where names should beblackening out hidden thoughts, and allowing the author and characters to comingle with each other in a way that was very fresh and new to me.

The book reads as highly surreal and magical, and the final scene is exciting and fascinating. There should be no general rule against authors popping up in their own books.

All in all, this book is expertly written and thankfully the gimmick does not tire or wear too thin. Her father does not find her, but he does explain why he abandoned her when she was a child. He brings it up constantly.

It is a relief to turn from this sloppy adolescent angst back to the colourful world of El Monte, whose heavily sensuous prose concentrates on pungent liquids and solids: Federico de la Fe, you see, has declared war on Saturn: In its opening chapter, he crafts a quirky little metaphor of the book, showing art being brought about from pain and loss.

There is hope, but there is a near endless trail of incessant wailing to get there.The People of Paper is the debut novel of Salvador Plascencia.

In Plascencia's world, Cameroon discovers to her horror that other people already know her because of Plascencia's book, in which she died and was buried in the ocean to be food for the fish. Her father does not find her, but he does explain why he abandoned her when she.

The People of Paper

Tag: People of Paper The People of Paper tackles the age-old book themes of sorrow and loss. Unlike most derivative writing that deals with these ideas, Plascencia presents them in a fresh, innovative, Salvador Plascencia excels in his use.

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Tag: People of Paper

Create MediaObject, schema:CreativeWork, schema:Book. The People of Paper is a novel about writing a novel. It follows, at the beginning, two separate storylines that are in fact inseparable. Salvador "Saturn" Plascencia is an aspiring novelist whose girlfriend leaves him when it becomes apparent that he cannot balance the novel and his relationship with her/5.

The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia pp, Bloomsbury, £ The problem with magical realism is that, if anything can happen, nothing is surprising. In this debut novel there is a woman. George Fragopoulos argues that in The People of Paper, Salvador Plascencia closes the divide between metafiction and realism.

The use of metafiction in the book the people of paper by salvador plascencia
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