The mission of the american nurses association to improve health care

Patients and their families rely on nurses at the most vulnerable times of their lives. In the American Nursing Informatics Association was formed in Southern California to provide networking, education and information resources that enrich and strengthen the roles of nurses in the field of informatics.


CARING was developed and organized by nurses in as a non-profit undertaking to provide a forum for the advancement of automated healthcare information systems. An ethic of care, is a moral orientation, that acknowledges the interrelatedness and interdependence of individuals, systems and society. Membership has broadened to include an estimated 3, nurses and other healthcare professionals in informatics practice and includes roles in: Provide leadership to transform thinking, structures and processes to address opportunities and challenges.

Therefore, AACN and its members, volunteers and staff, will: The AACN drives for excellence, because nothing else is acceptable. AACN is dedicated to creating a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and their families, where acute and critical care nurses, make their optimal contribution.

In Mayanother cornerstone was laid, the first Certification Luncheon was celebrated. Demonstrate stewardship through fair and responsible management resources.

Our Mission

Retrieved on March 27, www. To advance nursing informatics through education, research, and practice in all roles and settings. Today, membership is open to nurses and other professionals interested in informatics nursing.

This recognition has continued; alternating a luncheon with an evening event annually. Essential to the ethic of care, are compassion, collaboration, accountability and trust. Each passing year, the chapter has tackled important nursing issues and supported numerous causes that uphold the standards of our profession.

These ethical principles include: A group of acute and critical care nurses driven and united through a common purpose, vision; created the foundation for a strong and resilient organization, still focused today, on supporting nurses knowledge, quality of care, and work environment.

In the organizations held their first joint annual conference and officially merged in To be the organization of choice to advance nursing informatics.

New and Improved!

An ethic of care, respects individual uniqueness, personal relationships, and the dynamic nature of life. Are committed to their specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in nursing and informatics practice Identify informatics practice as a specialty that is essential to the delivery of high quality, and cost-effective health care Are committed to their professional development and seek to actively engage in a community of like-minded professionals Use informatics to improve the health of populations, communities, families and individuals by optimizing information management and communication ANIA Director Nicole Mohiuddin talks about the many facets of nursing informatics and implications for best practice.

The educational offerings of the chapter provide cutting edge information, education and technology. Corporations and individual corporate representatives are also welcomed as members. Collaborate with all essential stakeholdersby creating synergistic relationships, to promote common interest and shared values.

After much thought and discussion, the Board of Directors proposed to change the official organization name to the "American Nursing Informatics Association" ANIA with a logo tagline of "where caring and technology meet.

Embrace life long learning, inquiry and critical thinking, to enable each to make optimal contributions.

What Is AHNA?

Commit to quality and excellence at all levels of the organization, meeting and exceeding standards and expectations. Promote innovation through creativity and calculated risk taking.

Act with integrity, by communicating openly and honestly, keeping promises, honoring commitments and promoting loyalty in relationships. Acute and critical care nurses rely on the AACN for expert knowledge and influence to fulfill their promise to patients and their families.

Be accountable to uphold and consistently act in concert with ethical values and principles Be an advocate for organizational decisions that are driven by the needs of patients and families.

The Palm Beach County Chapter continues to be an active voice for its members.The ANA advances the nursing profession by fostering high standards of nursing practice, promoting the rights of nurses in the workplace, projecting a positive and realistic view of nursing, and by lobbying the Congress and regulatory agencies on health care issues affecting nurses and the public.

Mission Statement: Nurses advancing our profession. One of the organizations is the American Nurses Association (ANA) whose mission statement is “nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all” and their philosophy is committed to ensure that there are an adequate supply of “high-skilled and well-educated nurses is available” (ANA, ).

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the only full-service professional organization representing the nation's entire registered nurse population. From the halls of Congress and federal agencies to the board rooms, hospitals and other health care facilities, ANA is the strongest voice for the nursing profession.

History, Mission and Vision

The American Nurses Association For more than years ANA has represented the interests of all registered nurses. From advocacy to career development, see how ANA advances the profession and improves health care for everyone.

ANA\C Vision and Mission.

Statement of Purpose

Vision Statement. ANA\C: providing resources and leadership for nurses to shape the nursing profession and health care today and for the future. Mission Statement. The mission of the American Nurses' Association\California is to enhance the health and well-being of Californians and advance the profession of nursing.

Our Mission Our Values Our Work Mission. Improve the health of the public and achieve equity in health status. What we do. The American Public Health Association works to advance the health of all people and all communities. As the nation’s leading public health organization, APHA strengthens the impact of public health .

The mission of the american nurses association to improve health care
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