The disneyfication of childrens culture

Despite attempts to pass itself off as a good corporate citizen, the Disney view of nature generally reflects the view that all environmental problems can be overcome by technology and human ingenuity.

Cross-fertilization and borrowing from other cultures has invigorated and strengthened both Western and Third World arts. But it does mean that local communities are less able to identify and nurture their own dreams and create their own self-identity through a common project of shared imagination.

This process is not the same as different artistic traditions learning from each other and sharing ideas freely. But corporate culture is different: Not just the hardware and the wires but also, increasingly, the content.

Chain eateries, mega shopping malls, redeveloped city centres: Born to shop The spread of American movies, music and fashion is as much about buying as culture. Western countries like France and Canada and Third World nations like Malaysia have fought hard to restrict imports of foreign films, books and magazines to protect their own heritage.

The Disney machine has touched us all, spreading the values of the marketplace, colonizing the fantasy life of children and changing the world irrevocably in the process.

If passed, the MAI would limit the ability of national governments to impose domestic content standards. Olympians are sponsored by Nike, jazz festivals are funded by tobacco companies and rock singers strike marketing deals with soft-drink firms.

So baseball hats, blue jeans and running shoes become the uniform of teenagers in both Budapest and Bangalore while Western TV shows promote the illusion of limitless wealth.

The result is Western mainly American domination of most forms of popular culture, especially books, music, movies, television and film. You can take your kids to see the newest Disney animated film, Mulan, and then you can buy the video, the key chain, the stuffed toy, the sweatshirt, the embossed note pad and pencil set.

As the public realm shrinks we risk turning the Earth and our unique communities into one big, privatized theme park. Centuries of tradition are eroded by the technically dazzling but culturally-biased products of the corporate entertainment industry.

In fact the fusion of consumerism with the arts, entertainment and sport is now widespread. Think of Gauguin in Tahiti or the jazz-influenced sounds of Ghanaian high-life music.

And Disney comics reach even the most isolated rural regions. In the process the values of the market elbow aside the democratic aspirations of civil society. And cultural nationalists everywhere are concerned that international trade agreements like the Multilateral Treaty on Investment MAI would catalyze the Americanization of global culture.

Advert Death of diversity Cultural diversity mirrors the biological and geographical diversity of our planet. Goodbye to Hindu classics like the Ramayana and the age-old folk tales of Africa, hello Baywatch and Geraldo.

Market Culture Cultural uniformity goes hand-in-glove with the cheer-leading for free markets heard in agencies like the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. Nature under control The rise of a corporate monoculture accelerates our separation from the natural world.

Great art prospers from contact with the outside world.

The Disneyfication of Children's Culture

We all need to escape the stress of daily life from time to time.Youth Culture History Paper. Kim Chau History Paper #2 Word Count: The decade of the 's sparked the rise of youth power.

It was the beginning of actual “teenagers”. Post World War ll brought a baby boom that led to a mass amount of young people in the fifties. Mar 20,  · Animating Youth: the Disnification of Children’s Culture Referentie: A, Giroux, Henry, “Animating Youth: the Disnification of Children’s Culture”, Global.

The Disneyfication of Children's Culture Article Summary Sociology Author and Title Animating Youth: The Disneyfication of Children’s Culture Henry A.

Giroux Summary of Purpose Giroux points out how Disney affects society. These ideas were most profoundly communicated in Henry Giroux’s essay ‘Animating Youth: The Disneyfication of Children’s Culture’. Giroux’s essay presents a convincing argument on the need to avoid passively absorbing the content of Disney’s entertainment.

The Disneyfication of Children's Culture Power and Influence of the Media Jessica Cuzzi, Sharon Dang, Aisha Mamoor Little Mermaid: Gender Bias Gender, Racial, & Social Themes Aladdin (): Racial Bias Opening song, "Arabian Nights," begins its depiction of Arab culture with a decidedly racist tone.

A Reader's Guide To Disneyfication. share article: 5 December Culture. A Reader's guide to 'Disneyfication' The result is Western (mainly American) domination of most forms of popular culture, especially books, music, movies, television and film.

Does this mean that sooner or later we’ll all be American? Probably not.

The disneyfication of childrens culture
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