Reflective essay on public speaking

I thought that statement was a good way to draw people in. The biggest lesson I learned from this speech is how much more important it is to really know your speech well, when you have a longer time limit. Order now In order for public speaking to become a skill, there are a few areas in which I need to improve to make it a suitable strength.

By the end of the semester, I have gained full knowledge about this objective and was able to analyze it within my final speech. The topic for my first speech, the tribute speech, vaguely had any socially significance.

Knowing how important this objective can be, I am certain that I will be applying this skill whenever I am listening Reflective essay on public speaking a speech or presentation.

It is definitely a statement to think about. You have to go out. I wanted them to find the story interesting as well. The second learning objective is about being able to engage in an analytical and critical listening.

Then, I would deliver an oral presentation using note cards or a keywords outline. As I got farther into the semester, I was able to identify more ways on how to actively peer review.

For instance, I was able to point out pieces of unclear informations from the speeches and formulate critical questions to ask the speakers. Because this speech had a longer time limit, I Reflective essay on public speaking I needed to be well prepared.

When the audience listened to my tribute speech, they may have felt that it was a little irrelevant because it did not connect to them. One valuable lesson that I have obtained while I delivered my speeches was that my audiences are most likely to be distracted from the speech if the topic of the speech was not significant to them.

Through the engagement of analytical and critical listening, I will be able to find ways on how I can improve on my speech and presentation. Oratory I used to define public speaking as a simple, casual conversation with my audiences.

For the persuasive speech, I was able to analyze the speech through series of questions of whether or not the speeches contain fallacies. Knowing importance of this first objective, I feel that I will have to revisit it in the future when I am in a working environment as a businessperson.

These guidelines will also guidelines for my career for public speaking is the main source of my career. Because of the amount of time you have, there is more that you will be saying.

By allowing myself this sense of understand and awareness will help give me a sense of calmness giving me the ability to stand up and say what I need to say when giving a speech or if I am in a crowd listening to someone speak to offer my views on what is being said.

This objective was really confusing to me at the beginning of the semester, so I did not include any understanding of economic, legal, and social issues in my tribute speech. In order for myself to improve my weak areas to accomplish my goals I will have to do the following: I was able to incorporate economic and legal into the topic of my informative speech.

Posted on October 7, Leave a comment For this speech my goal was to share with the class an interesting and informative story.

Public Speaking Reflection

As a result, I have made sure that I have related the topic of my second speech to my audiences. I noticed when listening to my recording, that I jumbled my words a bit, but for the most part I was happy with how it sounded.

Public speaking is not just a casual conversation, but rather it is life skill.

Reflective Essay for Informative Speech

However, I realize that I was wrong after completing Comm. For instance, I was able to analyze that economic issues were the causes of my topic in the persuasive speech. The final learning objective is about the ethical responsibility of speaker.

At the beginning of the semester, I was able to engage in an analytical listening but not quite critical. I am really glad I did. In order to convince the consumer to buy the product, I must give the consumer a rough understanding of how it can beneficial to them economically.

While I knew my speech very well, it was hard to remember everything, and I found myself looking at my note cards more often that I was anticipating having to. As the semester proceed, I started to gain more knowledge about how to choose a socially and intellectual significant topic.

During my two minute presentation, I found that in order to do this I need to improve my ability to perform long speeches without hesitation, maintain eye contact, and be energetic in front of an audience showing more overview what topic I am discussing.

With this analogy, I believe that the second learning objective is important to meet.May 07,  · Reflective Essay In the course of this semester, I was able to learn more about the art of public speaking and learn the ways in which I can effectively pull off doing a remarkable speech.

Learning this information helped me know and understand the ways of getting your audience to not only be engaged in what your speaking about, but on how to sway your audience and make them think. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Public Speaking Self Reflection" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

Public speaking phobia is an intense and irrational fear of experiencing judgment by others when speaking in front of public or being embarrassed or humiliated in such situations causing dread, panic, and accurately, it is not the scrutiny and negative judgments themselves but the speaker’s own emotional response to them; the feeling of shame, rejection or humiliation that causes.

Wang 1. Alicia Wang Professor Lynda Haas Writing 39B 8 June The Final Reflection Essay When I first signed up for classes, I was hesitant on taking a writing course. This is a reflection on how my public speaking skills have improved throughout the semester of taking business communications.

Oct 07,  · Reflective Essay for Informative Speech Posted on October 7, | Leave a comment For this speech my goal was to share with the class an interesting and informative story.

Reflective essay on public speaking
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