Pbas proforma for promotion under cas

The profession further requires that the teacher should be calm, patient and communicative by temperament and amiable in disposition. Necessary amendment in the statues, rules and regulations, etc.

Colleges of Himachal Pradesh shall have to qualify the departmental 11 examination as per rules, norms and policies of the notified by the Govt. Phil Degree or post-graduate Degree in Professional courses, approved by the relevant statutory body, such as LL. Therefore, every teacher should see that there is no incompatibility between his precepts and practice.

Phil degree, at least three publications during the period of service as Assistant Professor. Provided further that notwithstanding anything contained in these Regulations, in the event any candidate became eligible for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme on or prior to 30 th Junethe promotion of such a candidate under Career Advancement Scheme shall be governed by the old guidelines issued by the Government vide Notification No.

University, Government Degree colleges, Government Sanskrit Colleges and Directorate of Higher Education Colleges in the state with effect from 1st January,as per the details given below: The Director of Higher Education 2. In addition, the selection committee shall assess the following dimensions with the weightages given below: This issues with the prior concurrence of the Finance Department vide their File No.

The minimum qualifications for appointment and other service conditions of College Teachers, Librarians as a measure for maintenance of standards in the Higher Education, shall be as provided in the Annexure to these Regulations and as per the provisions of the Recruitment and Promotions Rules of the concerned posts notified by the Government and amended from time to time.

The Interim Relief already allowed to the employees covered by UGC Scales from time to time, shall be adjusted in the Revised pay and the employees shall be entitled to draw only 19 the additional amount on account of the Revised pay and the emoluments being drawn on the corresponding date.

The age of superannuation of the teaching personnel and other equivalent cadres shall remain unchanged. Colleges who already completed their requisite number RC programmes for moving to next stage of higher AGP, may be allowed to participate in one additional RC programme to increase their teaching skills, after a laps of minimum period of three years from the date of last Refresher Course attended The teachers in Govt.

Phil after completing six years in the lowest grade, if otherwise eligible as per API scoring system and PBAS methodology laid down by the UGC in these Regulations, shall become eligible for the next higher grade stage 2 On completion of service of five years as College Librarian Sr. Colleges whose maintenance expenditure is met by the Govt.

Adhere to a responsible pattern of conduct and demeanor expected of them by the community; Manage their private affairs in a manner consistent with the dignity of the profession; Seek to make professional growth continuous through study and research; Express free and frank opinion by participation at professional meetings, seminars, conferences etc.

Dated Shimla Copy to: Other terms and conditions of service of teachers shall be the same as may be notified by the State Govt. The eligible candidates may send their application for CAS promotions till 31 st March of every year to the Directorate of Higher Education through the Principal concerned.

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This shall, however, not affect those who are already designated as Professor. Apart from the teaching assignments, extra duties for completing forty hours workload, per week, shall be assigned by the Principal in consultation with the concerned teachers to all teachers and equivalent cadre in Govt.

This annualised API scores can then be compounded progressively as and when the teacher becomes eligible for CAS promotion to the next cadre. Colleges only after due adoption of such amendments by the Govt. Pay attention to only the attainment of the student in the assessment of merit; Make themselves available to the students even beyond their class hours and help and guide students without any remuneration or reward; Aid students to develop an understanding of our national heritage and national goals; and x Refrain from inciting students against other students, colleagues or administration.

Each Pay Band shall. The vacation schedule and various public holidays shall be as per Govt. The Screening Committee under clause 7. Regular and systematic appraisal of performance of teachers is to be an essential element in the management of education and this has been taken into account in the designing for the career development of teachers.

Try to see through teachers bodies and organisations, that institutions maintain contact with the guardians, their students, send reports of their performance to the guardians whenever necessary and meet the guardians in meetings convened for the purpose for mutual exchange of ideas and for the benefit of the institution.

Two members to be decided by the Secretary Education to the Govt. Provided that such publications submitted by the candidate shall have been published subsequent to the period from which the teacher was placed in the Assistant Professor stage- II The Academic Performance Indicator API scoring system in the process of selection of Principal both direct as well as promotion in Govt.

Vacation period Number of weeks: College of Himachal Pradesh shall be strictly in accordance with the decision of the State Government notified vide notification No.

Phil in library science, after completing service of five years in the lowest grade, if otherwise eligible as per API scoring system and PBAS methodology laid down by the UGC in these Regulations, shall become eligible for the next higher grade stage 2 College Librarian UGC Scale in the entry level grade, without the relevant Ph.

D but only M. All teachers and equivalent cadres shall observe the code of professional ethics recommended by the UGC and as laid down by the State Govt. Norms and polices of Govt.

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The above is summarized as follows: However, since teachers recruited directly can be from different backgrounds and institutions, Table II c of Appendix III provides norms for direct recruitment of teachers in Govt.

No pay and allowances other than what has already been notified vide Govt. Colleges to be followed transparently in all the selection processes. Colleges of Himachal Pradesh.Academic Performance Indicators (4 th Amendment, ) (Please see detailed instructions of this PBAS Proforma before filling out this section) Application for Promotion under CAS ( to.

CAREER ADVANCEMENT SCHEME (CAS) University on the date of consideration by the selection committee for promotion. 4. Activities in addition to what has been mentioned may also be provided in the PBAS proforma under any other.

Explain these in quantitative terms. 5. For publications provide only the first page. PBAS proforma for promotion of teachers under CAS scheme as amended with effect from July 11, in accordance with the Ordinance XXIV of the university and its annexures as amended by Executive Council in its meeting held.

PBAS Performa for Promotion under the CAS provided is correct as per records available with the university and/or documents enclosed along with the duly filled PBAS proforma. Signature of the faculty with. Designation, Place & Date. Verification by Head of the Department.

annexure government of himachal pradesh department of higher education regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other. Implementation of Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) proforma. (PBAS) PBAS Performa for promotion under CAS.

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Pbas proforma for promotion under cas
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