In what ways where the lives of people living at home affected by world war one essay

Family identity was transforming, with developments from traditional Victorian ideas being challenged due to the changes brought about by the war. So, how did German society adapt to such dramatic changes? GM foods are designed for greater resistance to pests and viruses, higher nutritional value and longer shelf life.

They began to experience financial freedom for the first time, taking up jobs working in armament plants, replacing those who had been called to war.

What Are the Effects of War on People?

Another technology which is under constant debate is that of genetic engineering and its application to food.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Modern technology can also potentially be harmful to health. Modern life will be greatly disrupted without the use of technology.

Youths started to experience a new sort of independence, no longer relying on their families and schools.

It influence in teenagers is the use of cigars by celebrity movie stars, the constant exposure of sex images, the excessive images of violence and exposure to thousands of junk food ads. Significant loss of life in the armed forces resulted in many homes being without a husband or father.

Technology based on life science has been of a great help in the field of medicine. It was not only women who adapted to changes in society, but young people witnessed a change in circumstances too, albeit in a rather different way. The First World War: So, it was young people and women in Germany who covered the worker shortage supplemented the small income provided by the government for families.

Many employers made it clear that once the war ended their jobs would not be safe and would be re-opened to the men that had left them behind. To control the supply and distribution of essential household produce, Germany established a war food office; although its limited power meant that it could not control other organisations that dealt with produce.

Foods genetically modified using biotechnology are known as GM foods. As genetically modified foods increase the yields of crops, more food is produced by farmers thus It could potentially solve hunger.

With modern technology, it s possible to keep looking for new drugs and even organ transplant has been facilitated through technology. With food prices getting higher and higher, the government implemented maximum prices on certain products, including sugar and potatoes. Sophisticated gadgets have seen the lives of people improve and we are now living in a better world.

The First World War affected how families operated, with the home front seeing significant changes to the way people lived their lives. Many were not paid half the amount their male counterparts earned.

The food that was available to civilians was expensive too, with wages often not high enough for families to afford a proper diet. Women increasingly found themselves being treated as inferior to the men they worked alongside and those away fighting.

Does Modern Technology Always Improve the Quality of People’s Lives Essay

A shortfall in food production and importation meant that Germany was required to increase its agriculture to feed both a vast army, as well as civilians.

Other sophisticated gadgets such as mobile phones facilitate communication and computers allow distances between countries to be overcome. Many teachers were conscripted into the army, so young people started leaving school at an earlier age because often schools did not have the facilities to carry on with their education.

Instead of female identity being heavily associated with the family unit, responsible for bringing up children and completing household chores, they started to be accepted in the workplace. In the First World War, however, women found it difficult to fit in as part of a working team.

While women and young people were adapting to life in work, there was another major factor that impacted life on the home front. There are many health risks that comes together with GM food. Pasteurization, vaccination and many more life-saving discoveries are all thanks to modern technology.

Germany and Austria-HungaryBloomsbury Academic, This technology has led to many useful applications such as X-rays and shots among others. X-rays help in showing cavities and shots may prevent mumps and measles.

With mass conscription and subsequent call-ups year after year, employers were faced with the problem of filling the positions of millions of men. They opened up jobs to the remaining population on the German home front and turned to two social groups, each of which experienced the workplace differently; women and youths.

The loss of a husband or father meant a loss of income, and families struggled to survive on government hand-outs. Sitting in front of the TV for long hours can cause obesity and the violent scenes shown on the TV greatly influence a person. The benefits of technology outweighs the costs and thus in our rising development, we have no choice but to embrace it.

While youths experienced a largely positive change, women were working on very low wages and being treated as inferior to male labourers.The Effect of World War One on People at Home The people at home lives were affected in a wide variety of ways during the First World War.

Some people's lives were altered for the good, where as some were altered for the bad. Home > Assignment Sample > Does Modern Technology Always Improve the Quality of People’s Lives. Sophisticated gadgets have seen the lives of people improve and we are now living in a better world.

For example, In World War I, the use of tanks,grenades,airplanes made it more efficient and much easier to kill the enemy. In what ways. The First World War brought about significant changes to the way people lived their lives on the home front in Germany, writing for Centenary News, Claire Wotherspoon reports.

Huge numbers of men were conscripted during the First World War in Germany and, as more were called up each year, this left.

The effects of war on people are varied and dependent upon many different factors. Soldiers are effected by war in ways that are different from their families, who are also victims.

Other victims of war include citizens of wartorn countries, who are often affected both psychologically as well as. - World War One, also known as “The Great War” and “The First Modern War” was a very large scale war lasting over four years, involving nations from around the world and ultimately killing more than twenty million people.

How was civilian life affected by WW1? Essay. In what ways where the lives of people living at home affected by World War One?

Military vs. Civilian life ; The Home Front in World War One ; How far did World War One effect the lives of people living in Britain between and .

In what ways where the lives of people living at home affected by world war one essay
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