How to write a formal letter to chief minister

In some schools, teachers have more than one hundred pupils in their classrooms, including older children who were sent to school for the first time and found it hard to accept the authority of teachers.

Inthe Director of Education issued a circular to all heads of learning institutions, reminding them that corporal punishment was outlawed. Current numbers of teachers are not sufficient to lower class sizes to a manageable level.

All the teachers do it. We are disturbed by eyewitness reports that the brothel-based sex workers who previously lived and worked in Baina have been forced to work in more dangerous conditions on the street.

Prior tocorporal punishment in schools in Kenya was routine, arbitrary, and often brutal. Among the increased risks they face is that of HIV transmission. Reports from NGOs in Goa indicate that many of the thousands of persons forcibly displaced are still without shelter and without access to clean water, health care and other basic services.

This campaign should include work with parents, teachers, and other members of the community. We believe that in your new role as Minister of Education, you will have a crucial function in improving the future of young Kenyans and protecting their rights.

So while in theory we have counselling at schools, this is not sufficient and we can say the counselling aspect is really lacking. Then the government did one training on how to use counselling and testing.

Virtually none of these safeguards seem to have been in place in this case. I have also been beaten. The government also carried out training seminars on alternative forms of discipline.

Letter to the Chief Minister of the State of Goa, India

We will continue to monitor follow-up to the evictions and look forward to positive actions on the part of your government. For the ban in schools to be effective corporal punishment must be abolished in all settings. I am writing to express the dismay of Human Rights Watch at the forcible eviction and displacement of thousands of residents of Baina beach, Goa in mid-June.

Our understanding is that the women with support of non-governmental organizations NGOs working in Baina also made great strides in helping to fight trafficking of children in Goa.

Twenty-two persons were arrested while engaged in peaceful protest of the eviction. In addition, their proximity to each other in Baina enabled them to work together to ensure the solidarity they needed to enforce condom use among their clients, and that protective solidarity is now gone.

Some schools have started to adopt non-violent methods of disciplining children, and have abandoned caning. In some instances, physical abuse by teachers has led to serious and lasting injuries.

We therefore appeal to you to take strong action against corporal punishment in Kenya, in conjunction with the Minister of Gender and Children Affairs and the Minister of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs.

In addition, the state of Goa should actively support and ensure the provision of HIV prevention services to all sex workers. Teacher training has been too limited; typically, one teacher per school was sent to a training on alternative forms of discipline and counseling of pupils.

Conducting this eviction in the middle of the monsoon season when people would be at their most vulnerable is particularly inexcusable. However, there is still considerable progress to be made. We call on your government to provide restitution for those displaced and to ensure urgently the assistance they need to be adequately housed.

There have been too few prosecutions of teachers who seriously abuse children; more needs to be done to facilitate access to justice for those parents and children who want to take their case to court.

Some teachers are now recognizing the benefits of respectful treatment of their pupils.Nov 30,  · if you are speaking directly to the Prime Minister, simply say eg Good morning, Prime MInister. If you are addressing an envelope to him, I think you could say either 'The Prime Minister' or 'The Right Honourable Stephen Harper'.

Sample letter to your local Minister. insert you address here. Hon. type Minister's name here. Minister of type department here. type address here. 15 May Dear Minister insert Minister's name, This letter is to request your government to take immediate steps towards addressing homelessness across Australia.

Australia is a rich country. Letter to the Minister of Education regarding concern over continued use of corporal punishment against children.

Share. Print. FORMAT GUIDELINES FOR LETTERS Ministers may write to elected officials in other levels of government whom they may FORMAT MAP FOR A LETTER Minister Ministre of Economic Advancement Canada d’Avancement Économique Canada Ottawa, Canada K1A 0Z0 Closing Address Block.

Aug 19,  · To write a formal letter, start by putting the sender's address and phone number in the top left corner of the page. Then, put the date 1 line underneath that. Below the date, include the recipient's name, job title, and address%(50).

Dear Mr. Chief Minister: I am writing to express the dismay of Human Rights Watch at the forcible eviction and displacement of thousands of .

How to write a formal letter to chief minister
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