How to write a discussion guide

Find two sources that support your evaluation of the article and give a brief summary of both. Before the interview, ask permission to record it.

Do you agree or disagree and why. The individual nature of your brief will guide how best to use this time, a simple way to break it down would be to cover four main areas giving each 10 minutes.

Discussion guides can take many forms — some will be tight scripts that you will follow closely, and some will be rough outlines that act as a quick reference tool for the person conducting research. In telephone interviews, you get a signed agreement or verbal agreement. Agree the time before the interview and plan back from the time you have available.

Experienced, professional moderators use guides. I only use a script format when clients require the added narrative to visualize the flow of the group or interview.

Wrap up — 10 minutes Tell the participant that the interview is over, give them a chance to ask any questions. They are both a place to collect all of the most important questions you want to ask and a timing plan to make sure you ask the most important questions in the time you have available.

Keep an open mindset and observe both the decisions that participants make and the processes that got them to their decision. Students are required to respond to at least two other student postings.

The better prepared you are, the easier interviewing becomes. Creative Review the photograph in Posting 7. Keeps You on Track The guide keeps the moderator on track.

Planned ahead and constructed, as are the responses Motivation for studying the materials — peers will be reading the responses Use discussion rather than reiteration Discussions often have two or three parts; make sure this is clear to the students.

It makes you a better moderator. Be sure to properly cite your references. If there are no stimuli to show i.

Creating an effective discussion guide for your User Research

It also reminds you of important topics and questions.Creating an effective discussion guide for your User Research. A good discussion guide is arguably the most important part of your testing plan. Recommendations and tips for writing good discussion questions, including examples.

Tips for writing a Discussion Guide

Read the article attached to this discussion. Part 1: Write your critical evaluation of the article and explain your points using examples from the article. (). Conquering the content: a step b-by-step guide to online course design (1st ed).

San. It prepares you for discussion and helps you keep the discussion conversational. It also reminds you of important topics and questions.

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Write the moderator guide, and read it several times before you interview. But what if there's no guide, or there is a guide but the topics just don't seem right for your group (occasionally reading guides veer too far to the simplistic, othertimes they can be so erudite as to be almost unintelligible in a discussion setting.).

Creating a Discussion Guide

Mar 07,  · Here are a few guidelines to help create a useful discussion guide: Begin with a cover page of logistical information. I always put a time table showing the start times for every section of the guide at the top. Keep the following sequential points in mind as you organize and write the discussion section of your paper: Think of your discussion as an inverted pyramid.

Organize the discussion from the general to the specific, linking your findings to the literature, then to theory, then to practice [if appropriate].

How to write a discussion guide
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