History 30 mark exam question

By describing overall the course and outcome of the First World War By describing the causes of the war By explaining the importance of new technology in warfare today and in the past 3.

The best way to do this is to use the language of argument. Examiners can spot irrelevance a mile off. The introduction will involve writing out the main points from the plan It is essential that we attack the question directly in the introduction Our introductions should be straightforward, direct and deliver an answer to the question.

Below is a suggested paragraph structure that facilitates both analysis and source work at a level required for full marks. The main factors By identifying the main factors involved in answering the question this will give you an overview of how you are going to develop the essay.

A common mistake is for candidates to underestimate the importance of the a question. You need an introduction, separate paragraphs and a conclusion. When placing a question in context it helps if you think of the History 30 mark exam question as an alien and some probably are! How do I get better marks?

Hitler and the Nazi party greatly appealed to the German people for many reasons. One should argue that …. In doing so we need to show evidence that we possess the following skills: If you are expected to do 3 essays and you only write 2, you get 0 for your 3rd essay.

Irrelevance however interesting detracts from your argument and weakens it.

Planning your essay

Hitler promised that if he was elected he would get rid of the hated Treaty of Versailles. In the universities I worked in individual essays were given individual marks and we then calculated an overall mark based on those 3 marks. A Level History - Tips for Answering Questions These notes aim to give a brief description of what is required of people studying A Level history specifically for Edexcel Unit 6, but parts are also valid for other exam boards and modules.

The questions ask us to use the sources. Those few minutes you spend formulating a clear, well thought out and logical plan will save you time a lot of time when writing your essay and ensure that you are answering the question set.

By breaking down the question at the planning stage you are ensuring that you are taking the correct approach to answering it. The questions are framed in such a way as to allow analysis to take place. If you have a 3 hour exam with 3 questions and you feel confident on 1, fairly confident on another and are really not happy about the 3rd then take 5 or 10 mins from each of your weaker questions and add them to the time you allow yourself for your strongest question.

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New technology was vitally important in the victory because of the battlefield superiority it gave the allies. This short plan will ensure that you are answering the question fully. Also what the speaker of the source was feeling at the time, this is through understanding the key events at the time of the source.

If it will help, give yourself 5 mins to jot down notes and then get on with it! It is better to write 2 pages of relevant material than 6 pages of repetition and irrelevance. OR Whatever the evidence in your argument leads you to believe was the most important reason for Allied Victory.

Voters were also afraid of communism and the way the Nazi party dealt with opponents which led to people voting for Hitler. How long should an exam essay be? These included the effective use of propaganda by the Nazis" Topic of first paragraph "and the policies put forward by the party that promised the German people many things.

Many Germans supported this policy. Both a and b questions demand that we respond in an analytical fashion. Explain the importance of the use of new technology as a reason for Allied victory Explain the importance of other reasons for the Allied victory Make a judgment on the importance of the use of new technology as a reason for Allied victory.

Always make sure that you answer all of the questions.

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You should be aiming to complete the plan in less than five minutes in the exam. That means that we develop an argument in response to the question set. In your plan you have to ensure that you are fully aware of what the question is actually asking you to do. Make sure your introduction and conclusion are different.A Level History A.

Unit Y Britain – Sample Question Paper. Date – Morning/Afternoon criticism of the question paper/mark scheme is also appreciated. For answers marked by levels of response: Your first task as an Examiner is to become thoroughly familiar with the material on which the examination depends.

This. May 08,  · How to answer the 7 mark questions in the Edexcel IGCSE History exam, Paper 2, Part A. All the the skills and exam technique you need to get full marks! Home > History > Exam skills > Essay your essay and ensure that you are answering the question set. When planning your essay you should focus on four things: important factor in writing a.

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edexcel igcse history video tutorials. Remember that good exam technique can make all the difference!

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Could anyone give me a basic outline of what to include in the question? It's on international relations:) Thanks!Status: Resolved.

History 30 mark exam question
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