Gcse coursework moderation

Lost, missing, damaged or incomplete work In the case of a candidate for whom the internally assessed work has been lost or is missing, or where the work is damaged or is incomplete, then you must apply for special consideration. The following reports will be issued via Interchange.

A few exceptions, the same as those listed above in the sample requests section, are issued in hard copy rather than via Interchange.

Moderation and internal assessment for General Qualifications

We strongly advise you to keep evidence of work submitted to the moderator, e. Where material is submitted to the moderator on CD or DVD, you should send a copy and retain the original. They cannot take credit for work produced by another candidate Gcse coursework moderation the group.

You must retain internally assessed and moderated work apart from the sample sent to the moderator for inspection by us at any time up until the publication of results. Step 1 You mark the internally assessed work for every candidate using the detailed assessment criteria or marking schemes published by Edexceland arrange candidates in order of merit.

I still believe that all Art teachers should have one examining board with the same boundaries so its all blooming fair!! This assistance must be taken into account when work is assessed. Step 3 If there is significant disagreement on marks between the centre and moderator, we may need to scrutinise the work of more or all of the candidates, across either the whole mark range or part of it.

Internal assessors should annotate the work to show how the marks have been awarded in relation to the marking criteria defined in the specification.


We recommend you do not use courier services or other specialist postage methods, as moderators may experience difficulty receiving deliveries, which can delay moderation.

Your indication as to how marks have been awarded should: Moderation adjustments report — This lists any scaling that has been applied to internally assessed units or components.

For each of these units, all candidate marks and work must be submitted to the moderator using the same entry option. You should obtain a certificate of posting for all work posted to the moderator.

Minimum requirements Where a candidate is required to submit a specified number of pieces of work and fails to submit all the pieces, they must be credited only with the marks they have earned for the work submitted. On rare occasions, work can get lost in the postal system.

We thought about a re-moderation but everything was so late and I was so sick with it all we have settled with the marks.sheet. ultimedescente.com • Moderators visit schools/colleges to moderate the performance assessments (practical performance).

• The moderator will not discuss marks with teachers/candidates or give feedback on the accuracy of marking within a school/college. Schools/colleges will only find out the outcome of moderation on. E-Moderation is a suite of applications developed by CCEA to modernise the collection of controlled assessment/coursework marks, and for some subjects the provision of uploaded samples for moderation, for GCE/GCSE qualifications.

In reality moderation produces something more like Graph 2: candidate P was given 24 marks by the centre and 34 by the moderator, candidate Q was given 49 marks by the centre and 46 by the moderator, and candidate R was given 69 marks by the centre and 65 by the moderator.

Moderation and internal assessment for General Qualifications This page gives you some guidelines on marking internally assessed work, and explains how the moderation process works.

Read more. May 07,  · Maths moderation. Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by icantgeton, Apr 30, And why? The last moderation I did was GCSE coursework ultimedescente.com, May 3, #2.

icantgeton New commenter. Hi, Sorry that wasn't very clear!

Maths moderation

I I have been asked to moderate Maths to check consistency of teachers. Moderation is designed to bring the marking of internally assessed units in all participating centres to an agreed standard by checking a sample of the marking of candidate work.


At this stage, centres may be required to resolve any issues the moderator discovers during the external moderation.

Gcse coursework moderation
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