Force field analysis of british airways

Organisations that respond more effectively to changes are more likely to succeed than those that do not. It had faced a lot of competition from low cost airlines. Employees were caught unexpected and they had not absorbed the change.

Hence, British Airways must strive in order to gain the confidence of its employees.

4 Amazing Force Field Analysis Examples

On the other hand, we could leave gravity alone and decide to weaken the chair our restraining force to get the same result.

The force field analysis is backed by the Lewin change management model and has, over time, developed credibility as a professional change management tool.

Force Field Analysis Of British Airways Free Essays

Characteristics of this stage are consistent job profiles, unchanging organization, set goals and objectives. Passenger services, cargo services and BA failed in this step itself when it began downsizing prematurely. British Airways also trains and motivates the employees by communicating ethical policies and socially responsible Prior to the Recession 4.

For change to happen the status quo, or equilibrium must be upset — either by adding conditions favourable to the change or by reducing resisting forces. In order to stay abreast with the changing environment-economic, social, political and cultural, every organization constantly tries to adopt change.

The organization must feel secure at this stage and must utilize the change in everyday activities.

Force Field Analysis

So before change the force field is in equilibrium between forces favourable to change and those resisting it. Another reason for the strife by the staff was that they did not see any benefits at all. Many businesses, including British Airways, have found it increasingly difficult to survive in the resulting Create a strategy to strengthen the driving forces or weaken the restraining forces, or both.

Like a river whose form and velocity are determined by the balance of those forces that tend to make the water flow faster, and the friction that tends to make the water flow more slowly the cultural pattern of a people at a given time is maintained by a balance of counteracting forces.

Support from these people is necessary for success. The model is based on the unfreeze- change- refreeze structure. The project fulfills partial requirements of the Strategic Management course of Harvard Summer School and has been completed by a team of two students.

With this information in hand, the Business Analyst can develop a strategy to address the issues of those who will resist change and maximize the benefits perceived by those in favor.Force Field Analysis Of British Airways. not in sight. British Airways stays in the top of the competition and continuously providing the basic services that a world-class airway can offer.

However, the influence or the impact of the various economic uncertainties creates a great challenge in the organization. The aim of this paper is to contribute to the growing literature in the area of strategic change by providing a critical analysis on the transformational change of the company British Airways.


In the development of the analysis, a descriptive and exploratory case study research strategy is applied.

SWOT Analysis British Airways is one of the largest service industries that well managed the operation with an interesting collaboration with the technological innovations. The aim of the organization is to increase the number of customers through delivering the quality of service and satisfaction.

Albeit bothered with the challenges in the. Case study 1. McFadzean [3] outlines an example where the Force Field Analysis has been applied by an electronics firm.

The Force Field Analysis has been used by the company to explore how the creative climate could be enhanced within the organisation. Through this clear and simple Force Field Analysis example, we know that in a Force Field Analysis diagram, there are two lists of forces, driving forces and restraining both effect the proposed change in a certain way.

Lewin's Force Field Model is an important contribution to the theory of change management - the part of strategic management that tries to ensure that a business responds to the environment in which it operates. The short video below provides an overview of Lewin's Force Field Analysis model and.

Force field analysis of british airways
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