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That is, your PLA portfolio essay must "cover" the basic course content. Any type of property, that is, real property, personal property, money, stocks and bonds, and even business interests, can be held by a trust. In short, your task in writing your PLA portfolio essay is to address all listed course content areas and to do so via specific stories told in terms of the Kolb Model.

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First, in most US states, a person must be eighteen years of age, although this can vary an attorney can verify the applicable state law in this regard. As indicated above, a trust establishes a legal relationship with a "trustee" who holds property for the legal benefit of the beneficiary.

Since your essay length is pages for a lower division course and, you Estate planning paper essay need a system that is both efficient and effective in "covering" the course content in terms of your learning experience.

All aspects of financial and retirement planning should include estate planning. Your learning should, therefore, be "transferable," which means you can apply and refine the learning across many settings.

In such cases, the beneficiary will be required to have a legal guardian. Finally, there are certain kinds of property that are not transferred in a will, and this includes, Estate planning paper essay is not limited to, property that is jointly owned, life insurance that has a designated beneficiary, and property held in a trust.

Thus, it is important for individuals to plan for their retirement, for the possibility of becoming mentally or physically impaired, and for the distribution of their estate and assets after death.

This is a prior learning essay for credit I form. Applications Validity Requirements In order for a will to be considered valid, there are certain basic legal requirements.

This article presents an overview of the basics of trust and estate law as well as a brief discussion of the issues that can arise with respect to disposing of estate property. Essentially, a trust establishes a legal relationship in which one party assumes control of an estate or assets for the benefit of another.

For example, if the person who established the trust dies, and property has been bequeathed to a beneficiary and the beneficiary is capable of assuming ownership, the property will be transferred. Trusts A trust is another effective planning tool in estate planning. A trust often includes directions in this regard and appoints a guardian, but in the event the trust does not contain directions for this circumstance, the court will need to appoint a guardian.

The first step in estate planning is for one to prepare a last will and testament. Estate planning should also include a plan for the possibility of mental and physical incapacity.

In some cases, a beneficiary may not be capable of receiving the assets because they are a minor or because of a mental or physical incapacity. Therefore, your PLA portfolio essay must show that you have learned not only how to do things, but also why.

An irrevocable trust is one that cannot be terminated without formal approval by a court with jurisdiction. The witnesses, moreover, cannot be family members, beneficiaries, or business associates.

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In a living trust, the person establishing the trust can also be the trustee as well as a beneficiary of the trust; a living trust is usually established as a means to avoid probate.The article listed that the estate taxes would equal out tohowever the property is being sold for $, because there was no previous estate planning minus the will the estate will still need the property on the tax return.

Estate planning also helps reducing taxes by having a better understanding on specific perks, Essay about Estate Planning A Joint Will 3. A Mutual Will From time to RUNNING HEADER: Planning Paper Planning Paper By. Read this essay on Estate Planning. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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