Essay on save petrol and diesel

Most countries have to import fuel to meet their needs. Induction stoves save on energy needed to cook. Please share in the comments box below or email us. We all know that the reserve of the fossil fuel is diminishing day by day. Electric cars like the Indian Reva are also good options.

Reducing wastage indirectly saves fuel required to produce more food and other products. The more fuel you have In your tank. Since the days of Industrial revolution, there has been a rapid growth and development in the entire globe.

Accelerate downhill and maintain speed on inclines; roll to a stop sign. He said in a statement on Monday that they will get some relief when the petrol price drops. Another option is to use hybrid cars which run both on gas and electricity.

We could use shared or public transport like trams and metros. Fossil fuels like coal and oil and gas are non-renewable resources. Environment is an essential part of our life.

Trees with lower pressure will have more rolling resistance resulting In increased fuel consumption.

How To Save Petrol And Diesel?

Petrol evaporates very fast. Certainly we would want a peaceful and clean environment for a morning walk to the park nearby. Ina similar scenario arose and prices shot up so much that it created a panic. Synchronised traffic lights would be a big help.

Global warming is causing icebergs at the Poles and ice caps on mountain peaks to melt at a faster rate.

We need a clean environment to live healthy.

21 tips to save on petrol

Many species of birds and oceanic creatures are getting extinct. Fuel saved is more than driving away diseases and buying health. The answer is to develop alternative and renewable sources.

We take an exercising walk to nearby places. We use bicycle not just as a sport, but as a transport. In rural areas people still use kerosene, wood and tree leaves for domestic cooking and heating.

I would like to lay few tips for conservation of petrol and diesel. We switch off engines while waiting for traffic signals.

The less alarm occupying capacity It will have in the empty space. In India and the US, fuel is sold at subsidized rates.Oct 14,  · SAVE PETROLEUM. September 9, By it is the source of petrol, kerosene and diesel fuels.

Close to oil reserves, there are often deposits of natural gas, which are also produced by. Papers; Save Fuel; A Pages: 1 Words: This is just a sample.

the higher the fuel consumption. Slow down, relax, and enjoy the ride. Driving at a moderate speed will always help save fuel. Save Fuel specifically for you. the less fuel you save.

You should drive with required moderate speed and use your brakes less often to save fuel. Bio-diesel: Alternative Fuel Source Introduction Currently today more than 99% of all fuel consumed is petroleum (3).

In the year the world’s reserves of petroleum will be a dry source (7). Other than the shortage of petroleum, the burning of petroleum also causes many problems such as global warming.

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315 Words Essay on Save Fuel for the Future

Human translations with examples: hindi, fuel saving, eassy save fual, नदी बचाओ पर. words essay on Why should I conserve fuel and how? Advertisement Ask for details Fuels like petrol and diesel are also not clean fuels.

They cause Travelling the least distaces by walk or using bicycle is good for health and helps for fuel conservation too. So, Save Fuel, Save Future. votes votes Rate! Rate! Thanks/5(). Diesel fuel is a petroleum-derived compound which is heavier then gasoline but lighter then lube oil.

The fuel is injected into the compressed, high temperature air of the combustion chamber where it ignites spontaneously/5(2).

Essay on save petrol and diesel
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