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Gandhi Ji always believed in the Ahimsa and really he became successful a day in getting freedom for India from the British rule. Perhaps no other country had as many festivals and celebrations as does India.

Baisakhi is very special to Sikhs. They can broadly be divided into three categories — national or political, religious and seasonal. The states exhibit their tableaux depicting the states resources or recent achievements.

People forget all their differences and observe these festivals with a sense of togetherness. The biggest of the fairs, Kumbha Mela is held at Hardwar, Prayag, Nasik and Ujjain in rotation when millions of people gather there to have a holy dip. Businessmen start their new accounts.

The festival of Baisakhi helps to increase the social harmony. The important festivals in India are: Temples are decorated at the cost of millions of rupees. People of other religions have some different food cultures like sevaiyan, biryani, tanduri, mathi, etc.

India was highly civilized and well developed by B. The other major cities are Bangalore, Mysore, Chandigarh, Raipur, etc. Our familys little essay about other necessities to read in family life playing, my life and saturday essay example which shows bill clinton: Write your essay in this format.

Baisakhi festival helps to bring people together and share happiness. When people come together, they share their values, thoughts, ideas, and happiness with each other. The British ruled thereafter. People visit temples and shrines after holy baths in rivers, tanks, lakes and ponds regarded as holy.

Indian Festivals Essay No. It is celebrated in honor of Prahlad. This day is also celebrated in State capitals with equal enthusiasm and preparations.

Several hundreds of Hindus go to the banks of the sacred river Ganga for the ritual bathing as they believe that the goddess Ganga came down on the planet earth thousands and thousands of years ago. Social bonds of the people here are long lasting.

All these festivals and fairs are observed with great enthusiasm and abandon. It is considered as Hinduism was originated here from Vedas. Their dances tell the stories of the hard work of farming, from the very first step.

Sweets and fruits are offered to sun god. Huge population of the India belongs to the Hindu religion. At the end of the month. The seasonal festivals are celebrated in different ways all over the country. They are related with mythical heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses, change of seasons harvesting and national events.

They visit the Gurdwara to thank the Gods for their harvest and pray for a prosperous year. History The civilization of Harappa and Indus Valley in India is believed to be more than years old.

Several fairs for Baisakhi are also organized at different places and are called Baisakhi Melas. Color is an essential part of Holi.Free Essays on Diwali Festival Paragraph In French Language.

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Get help with your writing. 1 through We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays. Login; Essays on Diwali Festival Paragraph In French Language. Diwali Festival Paragraph In French Language Search. Search Results. Cinema of India From Wikipedia, the free. Their social and cultural value: In this way Indian festivals have a great religious and social significance.

They teach a moral lesson to the people and unite them. They teach a moral lesson to the people and unite them. French. mon festival préféré est Diwali ce jour Seigneur Rams revint à Ayodhya.

French Revolution Assignment Sheet for Packet • Your task is to read the booklet. The information in the booklet can also be found on the blog. • To earn Words; 4 Pages; Indian Festivals Short Essay for School Students on Indian Festivals A festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration.


The seasonal festivals are celebrated in different ways all over the country. Bihu is celebrated with great pomp and show in Assam. Baisakhi is celebrated as a mark of harvesting the wheat crops in Punjab. Onam is celebrated in Kerala as a harvest festival. Pongal is also a similar festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

There is no national language in India. There are many regional languages and several other local dialects. These languages mainly belong to Indo-Aryan and Dravadian family. There are 22 official languages in India. Festivals.

The major Hindu Festivals are Diwali, Durga puja, Dussehra, Raksha Bandhan, Holi etc.

Essay on indian festivals in french language
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