Essay on democracy has lost its meaning in india

The talented youth of today should be politically educated so that they can become effective leaders of tomorrow. It alone provides responsibility of the rulers.

Representative or Indirect Democracy: We enjoy every right in theory, but not in practice.

Democracy has lost its meaning in India

In the following years India had her constitution that declared India as a democratic federal republic. Economic Democracy means no economic disparity and everyone should enjoy equal opportunity in the society, there would be no unemployment, the living standard of the people should be raised and they should have economic security.

Many people were victims of age-old poverty, ignorance and superstitions.

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The establishment of socialism is a sure way to guarantee this to all the citizens. Though dictatorships were established in Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and Syria after military coups, yet, they are also leaning towards democracy.

Even to-day, after so many years, the people in India are not very much different, for many of them are illiterates. Political and social equality is useless without economic equality. The Communists give a new meaning to democracy.

In this system of government, it is the people who are supreme and sovereign. Democracy recognizes the worth of a man. They should be fully aware of their rights and privileges.

Democracy in India success or failure?

Our democracy is capitalistic. Democracy is preferred by the disillusioned and frustrated people of the world because it still offers better prospects and some gleams of hope.

Nobody either in the government or outside the government is bound and neither is free against the interest of our system. For a successful democracy, all these need to be checked. Peaceful change of Government: A democratic government cannot become tyrannical or arbitrary as a monarchy or an aristocracy can.

The latter has always to explain its policy and convince the electorate of its soundness. Special emphasis is laid on equality in democracy and there is no disparity among the people on the basis of caste, creed, religion and position or status.

Essay on Democracy in India

Democracy ha not failed in india 1. Some try to raise the religious sentiments of the people. Democracy can become successful only in a peaceful atmosphere, otherwise democracy has to face many difficulties.

The coming of 21st century saw India as a democracy expanding its reach beyond the horizon. Mill puts it, "the participation in governmental affairs lifts the individual above the narrow circle of his egotism and broadens his interests.

The real threat is again poised from within. Political parties are the vehicles of ideas. This conception imbibes in them the spirit of patriotism and nationalism.

Prices of daily needs are just getting beyond the reach of common man. In a democracy, people are the ultimate source of sovereignty, and the government derives its power from them. The socialist writes lay stress on economic democracy because they feel that without it, democracy cannot be called real.

Our government and many other democratic governments of the world are making efforts to promote world peace. Real democracy will come into being only when the masses are awakened and take part in the economic and political life of the country.

The Constitution of Indian was enforced on 26 January, Our democracy has given equal opportunities to all its crore population. Aristotle considered it as a perverted form of government.

However, gradually politics has become a game of opportunism and corruption. When the people themselves directly express their will on public affairs, the type of government is called pure or direct democracy.

Future Of Democracy In India

Fundamental rights have been granted to the people in their Constitutions in India, Japan, U.But India, as a democratic country, has progressed in many aspects.

It has archived self-sufficiency in food grains as a result of the green revolution.

Essay on Democracy: Kinds, Basic Principles and Future of Democracy

People vote for change whenever a government fails to come up to the expectations of the people. Democracy means for the people, by the people and of the people but does the government do for the people, its only the civilians do to the government by paying the the government would have done something for people then we could say that democracy in India is a success.

Free Essay: Failure of democracy in Pakistan: Pakistan, since its day of inception, has faced several challenges to establish a true democratic system, which.

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So, in democracy the people are the ultimate source of power and its success and failure depend on their wisdom, consciousness and vigilance. It is not possible for all the people in a big country like India to participate in the government.

EVEN in its heartland, democracy is clearly suffering from serious structural problems, rather than a few isolated ailments. Since the dawn of the modern democratic era in the late 19th century, democracy has expressed itself through nation-states and national parliaments.

Essay on democracy has lost its meaning in india
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