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List editors see Tips and Rules below for arrangement. Use italics for the following titles and names: Then present the publication title in italics, using MLA capitalization. See below for web or database citation. Work in a Print Anthology Barnes, Peter.

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If multiple years are given, provide the most recent. Volume number is stated, separated from issue number by a period; list both by number alone no abbreviations or signals needed. Authors are presented with names only, omitting any titles or honors, even if the source includes them.

Michael Hart, 11 Aug. See other examples of sources where a series title or an editor is placed and imitate that placement in the web citation.

Provide the website name in italics. State edition number in numeral form, with edition abbreviated. Print Book with Editor Maxwell, Martha, ed.

List authors see Tips and Rules below for arrangement. Present the title of the web page or web article in quotation marks. The works will often have different authors, with the overall book collected by an editor.

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For Additional Guidance Obviously there are many more variations, in both print and electronic resources. Abbreviate months to three letters and a period, with the exception of May, June, and July, which are always spelled fully.

When documenting database sources follow the same format as printed sources. Citation details according to source type in print style see above. Citation details according to source type in print style.

If middle name is included, provide that in the citation after the first name. List editor s of the overall book next, starting with Ed.

If all the names are listed fully in the works cited entry, then all last names should also be used in the in-text citation. State the start and end pages of the selection, ending the citation with Print.

State the medium of access Web and then conclude the citation with the date the source was accessed Tips and Rules for Works Cited Pages State as many author names as the source indicates for example middle or maiden.

Begin with author, where one is stated. Last, First, and First Last. An anthology is a collection of a range of works within one book, for instance a series of essays or works of literature.

State the start and end pages of the article, ending the citation with Print. End the editor list with ed. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The example above includes edition number; this can be stated here or skipped if the source has none.

A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies Defy Media, 20 Feb.Jive Software Version: _jx, revision: ultimedescente.come_jx. Source: Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, ). Sample APA Formatted Paper For a source with six or more authors, the first author’s surname followed.

A Pocket Style Manual, APA Version / Edition 7 Your students need clear, complete answers to their questions about grammar, research, and writing in the social sciences—and they often need them at.

This APA Citation Style Guide provides practical advice for citing sources, following the guidelines set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition).

Essay with title page: begin a new page with the title of the essay, centered, then on the next line the body of the discussion will be left aligned, with the first line of each new paragraph indented.

Hacker, Diana, and Nancy Sommers, eds. “Academic Writing.” in both print and electronic resources. For full documentation guidelines.

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Sample MLA Outline (Levi) Source: Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, ). Levi ii III. We need to educate drivers on using cell phones responsibly and enforce laws on negligent and reckless driving. A. Educating drivers can work.

B. It is possible to enforce laws against negligent.

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Diana hacker apa essay
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