Descriptive essays on hockey

Our goalie had the best save percentage in the league, so this was new to him. Hockey is much faster and swifter than any other sport. The score was now tied at one. The best part was eating the meal that all champions eat, steak.

For violations of this rule, an official signals the offending team offside and conducts a face-off in the neutral zone. Winning a championship is a great accomplishment, one that I was grateful to be apart of.

When the bottle flies you know it is a goal. As much as I was anxious, I was ready to put the proverbial nail in the coffin; the only way to accomplish this was to win.

What did I analyze? It was like something out of the movies.

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Once I got to the locker room I had to stretch and loosen up, after that I began to put on my gear and get ready for the game. The penalized team must play short-handed for the full five minutes, but if a player on each team receives a major penalty at the same time, substitutes may replace both players on the ice.

They include checking, skating, passing, stick handling and shooting.

Essay on Hockey

For a stick check the player uses his stick to hook or poke the puck away from the opponent. I dropped the puck back to the person behind me and immediately took off towards the net.

Once the puck found the back of the net I saw a look in the goalies eyes that portrayed a look of doubt. This was like waking the bear up in the cave from hibernation.

What is my claim or assertion? With comfort comes complacency and not too long thereafter the opposing team scored. Hockey requires a variety of skills. What did I discover in my analysis? I look at my teammates tired gloomy faces and hope my "Pick up the pucks and line up on the goal line".

Generally, a thesis statement appears at the end of the first paragraph of an essay, so that readers will have a clear idea of what to expect as they read.

A puck that crosses the goal line is a called a goal and scores a point for the other team. Questions to consider when writing an argumentative thesis statement: The drive was quiet, the only words I muttered the whole trip was to order my food from the fast food restaurant.

There is a keen competition at the international level. The puck soared over the shoulder of the goalie and I saw the bottle fly off the back of the net. In what order should I present the different parts of my explanation?

As the first wave of players skated to the bench, I got ready and finally took the ice. This was no ordinary day as the air smelled different and I had a nervous feeling from early on.Hockey Essay. Topics: Ice hockey, Penalty, Ice hockey rules Pages: 4 ( words) Published: February 5, Hockey is a fast, exciting sport played by two teams on a sheet of ice called a rink.

Each team has six players on the ice, one goalie, two defensemen, two wingers, and one center man. The players skate up and down the. % FREE Papers on Hockey essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more.

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Free hockey papers, essays, and research papers. Neck Guards In Hockey - OUTLINE Thesis: Although most hockey athletes believe that by wearing required equipment keeps them safe from injury, however I believe that these regulations should be stricter because of the severity of recent and past injuries.

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Descriptive essays on hockey
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