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Benefits Man on tablet Data communications gives Data communication reviewer the ability to easily stay in touch with others. It ensures resource sharing and protection against traffic congestion by regulating the flow of data on communication lines.

In a simplex channel the message is communicated one way, without the option for the receiver to respond. These rules are designed to detect errors in messages and to ensure transmission of correct messages.

Phones, instant messaging, emails and social networking sites all utilize data communications.

What is Data Communications?

It is the uneven delay in the packet arrival time that cause uneven quality. A data communication system may collect data from remote locations through data transmission circuits, and then outputs processed results to remote locations. The meanings of source and receiver are very simple. Dinesh authors the hugely popular Computer Notes blog.

For example, instant messaging would be a full-duplex system because two people can be typing at the same time. The data must be deliver in a timely manner.

The different data communication techniques which are presently in widespread use evolved gradually either to improve the data communication techniques already existing or to replace the same with better options and features.

Data sequencing rules define the method of numbering packets to detect loss or duplication of packets, and to correctly identify packets, which belong to same message. Data routing defines the most efficient path between the source and destination.

MCQ in Data Communications and Networking | Behrouz A. Forouzan

Data communications refers to the sharing of a virtual message. A protocol performs the following functions: Precedence and order of transmission. A conversation between two people is an example of communication.

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Hence, it becomes necessary to review and understand these terms and gradual development of data communication methods. The medium can be wired like twisted pair wire, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable or wireless like laser, radio waves, and microwaves.

Connection establishment and termination. The data must be deliver accurately. You need a sender transmittermessage data and receiver destination. It is the device or computer that receives the message.Data communication happens whenever at least two computers transmit information to each other.

In order for this communication to work, a system must be in place that transfers the information from point A to point B. Apr 03,  · Reviewer in data communication as a topic in Communication Engineering.

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