Copenhagen university master thesis format

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Older People with Dementia. The original is in Richmond, Indiana, U.

Referencing guidance If you are new to referencing read the introduction to referencing. Descartes suggests that the evil power who rules the world may be using "all his energies to deceive him" Lu,p.

Always try your best to find missing information, for instance, by searching online for the publishing organisation. Welcome to my collection of online philosophy resources.

Descartes suggests that the evil power who rules the world may be attempting to mislead him Lu, We recommend you read the primary source for yourself to ensure its relevance to your copenhagen university master thesis format purpose.

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There is no need to provide a page reference in the in-text citation unless you are including a direct quotation. How to format your reference [Anonymised body]. Combination of paraphrase and quotation example: These links will only work when the corresponding section of the file has loaded, which may take a while.

Last revised February 16, Example of referring to citing a work within your text Example: Includes A-Z guide of items, and how to reference them. Year Anonymised Title Use square brackets for any part of the title that is anonymised. Because this year A may be better than B, but next year B may be better or A may not exist.

Discussion took place regarding the local policy [Placement Location, ].

Descartes introduces the possibility that the world is controlled by a malicious demon who has employed all his energies to deceive him Lu,p. To catch users who type the incorrect URL, I have set up several aliases at my server. Also see my policy on dead links.

Rowley cites the work of Melack and Thompsonwho developed the McGill Archaeology questionnaire. Include the page number s of the quote in your citation. But these URLs are incorrect and I cannot promise that the aliases correcting them will be supported forever.

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If in doubt about whether to include material, seek guidance from the relevant module leader. Referencing something not listed in the A-Z below If possible, try to find something similar in the A-Z and use your judgement in applying the same formatting rules.

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In these examples, the list of references would only contain the work by Rowley. Recommendation: secondary referencing should be avoided if at all author may be citing the primary reference because of their own interpretation of its relevance, possibly in quite a different context.

Copenhagen university master thesis format
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