Cloud computing security issues and challenges thesis

Data management - distribution, partitioning, security and synchronization of data. Application partitioning refers to the usage of one server or storage device for various clients that may have data encrypted differently.

Resource priority allows processes or hardware requests in a higher priority queue to be serviced first. The interaction among these entities needs to occur in a secure fashion. Nevertheless, products from Wyse are marketed with their thin client as one of the safest, by using those exact features.

It is used by over companies in Forbes Globalso it acquired significant acceptance in the marketplace.

However, companies have implemented systems with unpublished APIs, claiming that it improves security; unfortunately, this can be reversed engineered; also, using DHCP and FTP to perform tasks such as firmware upgrades has long been rendered as insecure.

However, the cloud needs to be secure from any user with malicious intent that may attempt to gain access to information or shut down a service. The following summary looks at their attributions and mechanisms available for them.

Storing data in the cloud voids many issues related to losing laptops or flash drives, which has been the most common way of loosing data for large enterprises or government organizations.

The most sensitive information is stored behind the DMZ. However, the future looks less cloudy as far as more people being attracted by the topic and pursuing research to improve on its drawbacks. Thus, this approach ensures security on the end users and on the cloud alike.

The cloud also helps developers create multiple evaluation versions environments for their applications, bypassing the need to incorporate additional security within the application and placing the burden on the cloud provider.

However cloud computing does not come without its pitfalls. Conclusion Cloud computing is still struggling in its infancy, with positive and negative comments made on its possible implementation for a large-sized enterprise. However, cloud computing comes with several benefits that address data security.

Using the aforementioned architecture, the OCC published has worked towards implementing high traffic flow design and protocols among several locations. Lastly, the final middle point between end users and the cloud is transmission confidentiality or the guarantee that no one is listening on the conversation between authenticated users and the cloud.

In this fashion, it proposes a new type of security to the cloud, so that whenever an attack is made on a certain service, it may be monitored by a 3rd party and cut off before it disrupts proper access or attempts to falsely validate itself to the cloud.

This is a relatively new group formed in the mid, which confirms the novelty of the field. Storing the data in the cloud can prevent these issues altogether. Virtualized - applications are not hardware specific; various programs may run on one machine using virtualization or many machines may run one program.

Creating a new environment simply means creating a clone of the extant one. For example, one developer can get extra hard space as an on-demand resource, instead of placing a work order and wait for several days for the permission.

For this reason, the cloud, just like any data center, implements a boundary protection also known as the demilitarized zone DMZ. The following surveys the market in terms of continuous innovation, academia and industry research efforts and cloud computing challenges. This does not imply that clients should not encrypt the data before sending it, but merely that the service is already in place for them.

The client organization should run mechanisms to detect vulnerable code or protocols at entry points such as firewalls, servers, or mobile devices and upload patches on the local systems as soon as they are found. Also, if a server is down for re-imaging or disk clean-up, the client may easily create similar instances of their environment on other machines, improving the acquisition time.

Other things to keep in mind are contract policies between clients and vendors, so that data belongs only to the client at all times, preventing third parties to be involved at any point.

Cloud Computing Challenges and Related Security Issues

At a lower level, the network can be made secure by the use of secure internet protocol IPsec. One significant drawback of cloud computing at the moment is its limitations to Intel x86 processor architecture.

They also need to access some configuration server that allows them to test applications from various views.

One way of implementing integrity is by using secure socket layer SSL or transport layer security TLS to ensure that the sessions are not being altered by a man in the middle attack.

Incident Response refers to the ability to procure a resource such as a database server or supercomputing power or use a testing environment whenever needed.

Even if this may very well change in the future, it is another stumbling block that developers and cloud computing experts need to overcome.The paper surverys the concept of cloud computing, its development challenges, security issues and benefits.

Security Techniques for Protecting Data in Cloud Computing To understand the security issues and the techniques used in the current world of Cloud Computing. Keywords: Challenges, Cloud Computing, Security, Techniques. iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Security issues inherent in cloud computing approach have been discussed afterwards.

The exploration in the technological and security concerns of cloud computing has led to the concluding realization on the overall aspects of cloud computing. The approaches to counter security issues inherent in cloud.

In particular, we discuss three critical challenges: regulatory, security and privacy issues in cloud computing.

Some solutions to mitigate these challenges are also proposed along with a brief presentation on the future trends in cloud computing deployment. Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges Thesis is an outstanding research environment for you to develop record-breaking applications in your future.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges | Cloud computing is a set of IT services that are provided to a customer over a network on a leased basis and.

Cloud computing security issues and challenges thesis
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