Cause and effect of people migrating

Rural to urban migration may lead to overcrowding in urban areas. Advantages and disadvantages of migration Migration can bring advantages and disadvantages to the country which is losing people and also to the host country.

Have a read Cause and effect of people migrating better understand the decisions made by your friends and perhaps even to help make this life changing decision yourself. The increase in population may also lead to overpopulation, and in the end will lower the quality of public services because the number of people using them increases which might lead to unavailability of public services to some people.

Every year some people leave the UK and move abroad. This is because the people from the host country know that immigrants really need their jobs in order to survive so they make them work harder while giving them lower paycheck.

Moreover, even an informal job, not covered by official wage rates, will yield to many people from poor countries much higher income than they can expect at home. Filipino should think first what will they experience in every country, what are the benefits will they get and the emotions that they will feel about.

Globalization is opening borders that have never been open to many of us before and more and more people are moving abroad. People knew that the causes of migration had the great consequences. Moreover, unemployment in urban areas contributes to several social ills, such as drug abuse and prostitution.

Overseas employment established a higher standard of protection and promotion. This would involve regularizing the ability of foreigners from poor countries to apply for and get jobs in rich countries, and generally to implement more lenient and targeted migration policies.

Sometimes people just move from one region to another within the same country. As more people migrate into urban areas, the existing facilities, such as hospitals and schools, may become overutilized.

And because of the Filipino nurses who are also migrating, Philippines are now suffering a poor medical care. In addition, there are also people that emigrate from opposite country due to the lack of support from the people of their country.

Full Answer The most common voluntary reason for immigration is seeking employment or economic opportunities not available in the home country. This usually requires them to have been a naturalized citizen of that country before they can apply for the petition.

The talk of the global middle class made us forget that ten African countries, with a combined population of million and countingcurrently have per capita GDPs lower than at the time of independence. Next reason is the pollution. The migration of able-bodied individuals from rural areas to urban areas results in a reduced rural workforce and decreases in agricultural productivity.

Weather A big factor for immigrating is weather conditions. Seventh reason is the slavery. Immigration has a wide range of effects on both the host country and the country of origin. People who move into another country are called immigrants.

Individuals living in congested urban areas are constantly exposed to long hours in traffic, noise pollution, taxes and generally high costs of living. This happen because people feel the services in their country is not good enough and wants to have access to better services.

How will everybody succeed if the education in the Philippines is unstable? Second reason is famine. Oct 03, Add. Another example is during the Syrian revolution, a lot of people immigrate to neighborhood countries to escape from the civil war.

Famine is a widespread scarcity of food. Service delivery is a big problem in the developing world, and this is generally a much smaller problem if a problem at all in developed countries. One way to look at it is simply as a tragedy, one of the many that occur daily in the world. On the other side of the coin, someone whose skin suffers due to a lot of sun exposure might want to move to a country that is more mild and rainy.

What Are the Effects of Rural to Urban Migration?

Overutilization of such amenities results in poor service delivery to the general population. The estimate for the same period of was 2. Moreover, due to the surplus workforce, employers tend to pay low wages, which may force their employees into harsh economic situations.

It changes in population distribution the demographic crisis-population ageing, what in turn can be followed by economic problems. It is consists of four basic types of abuse-emotional, it is sometimes called relational, physical and cyber, it is typically in solves subtle methods of coercion such as intimidation.

First of these reason is there is no enough job in the Philippines.Effects: As people migrated, they brought new plants, animals, and technologies that had effects on the environment Causes of migration Human migration is the movement of people from one place to another with the intention of settling in the new location.

People migrate from rural areas to urban areas in search of better employment opportunities, education and better living conditions. This movement is encouraged by the perceived large number of employment and business opportunities in urban areas.

The following are some of. Seven Reasons People Decide to Move to Another Country March 17, March 17, S V 1 Comment moving to another country All of us know, or know of, at least one person that has packed up and moved to a different country. Bantu Migration Cause + Effect study guide by katieritts includes 2 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. The cause and effect of migration Every year, large numbers of people migrate from one country to another for various reasons. Many of them are willing to abandon their careers and homes in own countries and start a totally different life in a new place.

Cause and Effect of Migration

Another way is to look at it in the context of European migration policies, which have become more restrictive of late. Either of these two ways is, I think, correct but limited. A better way to look at the issues of migration is in the context of globalization.

Cause and effect of people migrating
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