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Heyes, September 18 NaturalNews For those of you who have been called "paranoid" or "schizoid" or just plain stupid for opining that, someday, an authoritarian, "progressive" federal government hell-bent on stifling all political opposition once and for all would round such people up and toss them into camps, you have been vindicated - although that might not really be much of a consolation to you.

Heyes, September 17 NaturalNews A critically endangered species of antelope has been driven further to the brink of extinction following a mysterious and substantial die-off of its herd over the summer.

Ted Cruz blasts judge for jailing county clerk for refusing to violate her religious beliefs By J. Contrary to those who view climate change as only having catastrophic consequences, experts from the university suggest that it is responsible for re-greening parts of the world and changing lives for the better.

Right to Know organization, which is blowing the lid on widespread collusion between academia and the biotech industry. The feminization of America accelerates as universities shame men for being men By J.

In modern times, bias it still a problem, but more often problems arise from conflicts of interest. My friend shrieked when she saw my first two gray hairs, and she automatically reached to pluck them out. Instagram is the place to go for atmospheric- Amaro filtered sunset shots and Lo-Fi kitten captures.

InObama and fellow Democrats declared the Great Recession officially over.

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State hits year record for drought By Daniel Barker, September 20 NaturalNews The historic California drought of the past few years is the worst one that has occurred in the last years, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature.

The Washington Times reports that Obamacare exchanges will have to enroll as many as 21 million members next year, according to the figure set in budget projections, in a development that will prove to be a major test of the Affordable Care Act.

Soy milk is an endocrine disruptor that can cause major health problems Soy milk, for instance, is made from processed Still not practicing preparedness skills? The world of drugs is varied, and those who partake come from all backgrounds.

GMO industry group sent biotech shills on all-expenses paid trips to Hawaii to promote their poisonous abominations By Jonathan Benson, September 17 NaturalNews A series of eye-opening emails exposing biotechnology industry corruption have finally gone public thanks to the rigorous work of the U.

We encourage people who come across content that makes them uncomfortable to report it to us using the built-in reporting tools next to every photo or video on Instagram. However, even with this taken into consideration, a large number of images are drug related, either showcasing people out consuming or displaying their purchases.


Huff, September 20 NaturalNews A Los Angeles man who decided out of discontentment to take the plunge and switch his gender to become a "woman" has now reverted back to being a man. Heyes, September 18 NaturalNews It is against federal law for an American firm to knowingly hire a worker who is in the country illegally.

The psychopaths who run Merck knowingly falsified safety data on Vioxx, which ultimately led to numerous heart attacks and strokes in unsuspecting patients.The free weekly Trinfinity & Beyond blog by Dr.

Kathy J. Forti focusing on Spirituality, Consciousness, Healing and more. 2,5-Dimethoxyethylphenethylamin (abgekürzt auch 2C-E) ist ein Psychedelikum, das strukturell zur Gruppe der Phenylethylamine, sowie zur Stoffgruppe der „2C“-Verbindungen gehört.

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• research chemicals • API • intermediates • NMR analysis4%(8).

Buy research chemicals online 2c-e or aquarust
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