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Or why not try a bonfire painting or collage made using tissue paper? As a follow-up activity, encourage them to write about the plot in their own words, using simple prompts such as first, next, then and finally.

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Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night London Activity: They have to find the reasons supporting their opinion and later discuss with student B. There are plenty more news articles related to bonfire night hereincluding details of a crackdown on cheap fancy dress costumes that could pose a fire hazard and an investigation into how much air pollution is caused by fireworks.

Their task is to listen and put the numbers in order as they hear them- Ex.

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For example, could the plotters have been set bonfire night writing activities by the government to provide an excuse to crack down on Roman Catholics? Other crafty ideas include rockets made from kitchen roll tubes and sparklers made from straws and glitter.

Can they master bonfire night writing activities art of the Catherine wheel or a Roman candle? Later learners watch the video again and write what the numbers refer to. The hot seat activity is a great way for classes to explore the actions of key figures including King James I, conspirator Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes himself.

My best citizenship lesson: Given its links to the persecution of a religious group, do pupils think we should still celebrate bonfire night? Divide students into groups A and B, Students A think is a waste of money, students B think the opposite.

Students are going to read the story and match the questions with paragraphs. Finally, use the event to get students interested in democracy in the UK.

Parliament Weekwhich runs from 16 to 22 November, aims to get young people thinking about what parliamentary democracy means to them and their communities. Working in pairs, ask pupils to put the pictures in the correct order.

When all the students have the correct order of the sentence refer back to the picture and ask what each picture represents.

Follow up - Discussion mins At the end of the lesson you could ask your students to discuss the following: Later explain that you have more information about photos here- see worksheet- running dictation. Students can use this evidence to write a report on the events, including an analysis of its weaknesses.

On the board write the following questions: As a group activity, students could write their own fireworks safety code or design a bonfire night safety poster. The team that first finishes the task correctly wins.

This bonfire night assembly created by TrueTube raises a number of debate questions. What happened to Guy Fawkes in the end?Display Display material and templates for Bonfire Night (edit) Display Display material for Bonfire Night/ Guy Fawkes (edit) Lesson plan This unit is an event-themed set of maths lessons linked to fireworks.

A series of activities all about Bonfire Night - from sequencing the story of the Gunpowder plot, to a cloze procedure on safety rules and a fun firework display creator game.4/4(21).

Tell your students that they are going to watch a video about the Bonfire Night celebrations in the UK. Their task is to listen and put the numbers in order as they hear them- Ex.3a.

Later learners watch the video again and write what the numbers refer to.

Guy Fawkes and the Bonfire night story English Lesson Plan

Bonfire Night Writing Paper Bonfire Writing Paper We can see this writing paper being used on Bonfire Night, or perhaps for writing about a camping trip or brownie or cub camps. Free English lesson activities about Bonfire Night - simple reading text, dictionary activity, spelling and grammar exercises, word games and quizzes.

Browse the menus on our site for many more free lesson ideas for TEFL teachers and online English exercises for ESOL students, young learners and kids. Bonfire Night Food Bonfire night activities Bonfire night crafts Bonfire Night Party Ideas Bonfire Crafts For Kids Bonfire cake Bonfire Birthday Kids cafe Toddler Activities Forward Easy baking for kids- firework biscuits made using a simple biscuit recipe decorated using coloured icing and sprinkles.

Bonfire night writing activities
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