Analysing britains role in the european union politics essay

The traditional role of the House of Lords is as a revising chamber cleaning up any problems with bills presented by the commons and by extension the government.

Britain should encourage a renewed focus on improving the stock and flow Analysing britains role in the european union politics essay EU regulation with old regulations being scrapped on a simple majority Council vote. Thirdly, the EU should have developed a more stringent and symmetrical monitoring of current account imbalances to prevent core countries like Germany building up massive surpluses at the expense of deficits on the periphery.

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And to the Central and Eastern Europe, a proper level of safety measures has been put together to ensure its Nuclear plants are safe and are not harmful to its citizen. In andthe UK lost just 2 percent of Council conclusions that went to a qualified majority vote. In relation to growth, the British government should have played a greater role in helping resolve the euro-zone crisis.

We joined the Social Chapter ineight years after it was adopted by other member states. Also during this period was a period where members can travel between member state countries without their passport being checked and this also brought and harmonise members of the EU together, and there was also a lot of improvement and development in the communication sector as the use of mobile phone and internet was in place.

Will Straw Essay on the Role of Britain in the European Union

It ability to bring about oneness among member state in term of culture, language, education; in to an extent is a great success. This has been to the detriment of both Britain, which has been marginalised in Europe, and of Europe, which has benefited in the past from an engaged and pragmatic Britain.

First, the EU should have encouraged greater flexibility on fiscal targets so that countries suffering rapid increases in employment could ease off spending cuts a policy belatedly adopted by the Commission. A Constructive Role for Britain? This also gives room for cross border trade in term of goods and services and also gives rise to great inventions and innovations, this has also helped in a great way to make sure goods and services are moved freely without any inconvenience by removal of entry barriers, tariff, custom duties etc 4.

In difficult circumstances, Commission Vice-President Catherine Ashton helped to shape that institution.

I think policies should be in place that will allow trade between member state of the EU and its neighbours as this will open doors to new market and give opportunities for a big market for citizens to trade in, filled with a wide range of varieties.

The founding European and Pioneering member countries are six in numbers and are as follow: Currently we experienced the biggest enlargement so far in as more countries joined the existing member state; A total of Ten countries joined the EU in making the EU enlargement a bigger place and a bigger market.

The core principles include parliamentary sovereignty, which locates supreme political authority at Westminster, a government with a parliamentary majority controls the legislative process[4] and a two party system.

The European Union's Roles in International Politics

Better control of immigration, Both old and future member state must also cooperate and work hand in hand and must realize that they have the responsibility to fight and work on the inflow of illegal citizen or immigrants and likewise asylum-seekers from other countries.

King identifies both that British governments have struggled to stop British businesses being taken over and transferred overseas, but also, successive governments, scared of discouraging foreign investment, have kept corporation tax low.

Those on the periphery of Europe, which developed current account deficits during the last decade, have been unable to devalue in order to enhance their competitiveness as would normally take place. It has, however, led subsequent governments to tread with caution, shown in where, over a measure to restrict trial by jury, the government withdrew a piece of legislation expecting a defeat.

A new approach is desperately needed if Britain and Europe are to get out of their current predicament. And also make sure there is no foreign treat in the society protecting the environment As both recent and existing member state conform and abide to EU rules and regulation as regards air and water pollution, if they abide by this rules, their immediate Environment becomes a much more safer place for its own citizens, and for members in neighbouring Countries.

It is therefore a puzzle that the current British government has diverted its attention from winning the next round of key policy debates in Brussels and, instead, focused on a pointless exercise of seeking treaty change to repatriate powers.

Third, the commissioner should push for enhanced co-operation on services and a digital single market. Inthe year in which David Cameron walked out of the Council meeting, the number of defeats rose to 5 percent.In further part of that essay the reasons for that phenomenon will be clarified, and the motives for difficulties with launching certain innovations, for instance European Monetary Union, will be explained.

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The Author(s) Reprints and permissions: tributes to this debate by analysing how different enlargement rounds have affected ment and the role of QMV. Although QMV expedites decision-making, the.

A Brief History of Britain's Tortured Relationship With the European Union in 11 Quotes. “The tragedy for British politics — for Britain — has been that politicians of both parties have. Britain and the European Union Every country has a certain idea of its role in the world, which shapes its identity and the way it sees itself in relation to other countries.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec It was only on January 1, that Britain became an official member of the European Union. Ultimately, what was seen through this was twenty-two years of little participation from Britain in the affairs of Europe. This new volume develops a conceptual framework for considering and evaluating the roles played by the EU in international politics, drawing upon the literatures of role analysis, international relations and European integration.

Analysing britains role in the european union politics essay
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