An analysis of the humanization of the educational process in lets use video to reinvent education s

I really like this project of Mr. Gradually, with the help of the video support, the speaker logically unfolds other ideas concerning the topic The ideas are supported with valid arguments and a video example of how it works in real life. It is simply not enough for such a huge transformation.

The speaker receives the feedback from the audience — applause After stating the purpose of the speech — how to use the system of video-based self-education It is a non-profit educational organization creating hundreds of elaborately structured series of educational videos that help school students learn and understand math and other school subjects.

Gradually the speaker moves towards the statement of the main point of his speech Khan and would like to mention that when students communicate more with each other, discuss more with their teachers, their motivation and desire to study, to attend school every day and to solve problems will grow — and this is one of the important issues today in the field of education.

In other words, students watching self-paced videos at home, along with their teachers increase classroom time for real human interaction between each other. But I would not agree with Mr.

One of the main points is that his method differs from what was happening in the classrooms till that time He makes a logical transition to the main idea of the whole project - to reform the educational system of the American schools.

“Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education” essay

People can find multiple videos in internet teaching math, languages, history or physics with or without teacher participation, but the majority of them do not watch these videos because for some they are not the best learning method. With flipped learning, students receive first exposure at home prior to the lesson, then process the new material in class.

Teachers can address misunderstandings as they occur: The main points unfold gradually throughout the speech. The work Salman Khan and his team are doing for humanity is priceless. Students can watch these videos and have some practice doing exercises on the website to succeed without any charge.

First steps of such a big project were made in when Salman was tutoring his cousins in New Orleans. Khan that the use of the videos can completely reinvent education. Those without the skills to produce digital content and learning resources themselves may be able to find existing resources suitable for their class; for instance, a video produced by the Khan Academy or the Flipped Learning Network.

Here the author moves to the explanation of the main points of his presentation. The greatest value of these videos is that children from poor countries, who have to work to help their parents and cannot attend schools, will be able to get access to education, later they even might share their knowledge as well.

They are presented as the advantages of his method. In addition, it can be more accessible than traditional methods: The speaker has constructed a clear organizational pattern.

At the beginning of his speech, Mr. It becomes clear why his lessons are in a demand — Salman has a strong and articulate voice, a wonderful intonation, a good pace, in other words, he sounds like a professional public speaker.

Producing a short lecture in the form of a video gave an impetus for the start of his noble career. Salman visualizes his examples with the help of the videos, used to illustrate his ideas for the audience. The idea is clearly stated and supported again with the help of visual aids that illustrate everything the speaker is talking about.

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Everything is clearly formulated and well-grounded. Additionally, he seems to know his subject very well; he explains the topics constructively, non-traditionally and confidently so that it is easy to understand him and impossible to get bored due to his style of explanation and relevant jokes.

The videos proved a hit, and Khan eventually set up the Khan Academya not-for-profit organisation which now offers over 2, educational videos.

The transition to the main body of the speech is made gradually with the help of appropriate wording Salman Khan's educational website of 2, video lessons could be the solution to middle-of-the-class mediocrity.

Skip to: Start of article Visually Open Nav. Go to Wired. An Analysis of the Humanization of the Educational Process in Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education Speech by Salman Khan. country’s relative success or failures in terms of educational attainment.

The following section will outline some challenges barring students from educational achievement and the benefits of education for those students, to explain why expanding access to quality education has become a major policy goal in the last half century.

Custom “Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education” Essay Writing Service || “Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education” Essay samples, help Critique Paper The Salman Khan’s speech “Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education” takes place at the TED studio. To a pair of educational entrepreneurs boasting the low price of their new projects, the slickly produced video must have looked like just another expensive barnacle on the hull of higher education.

Broadening the base of higher education by creating innovation universities will enhance the quality of teaching, make research more relevant to social needs and strengthen the direct contributions of universities to development.

In the long run this will help Africa compete in more higher education categories.

An analysis of the humanization of the educational process in lets use video to reinvent education s
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