An analysis of the geography and culture of india an asian country

Overall dimensions[ edit ] Different sources give different estimates of the area enclosed by the imaginary border of Asia. Views of Asia[ edit ] The geographical or traditional view[ edit ] Medieval Europeans considered Asia as a continenta distinct landmass.

On the southeast of Asia are the Malay Peninsula the limit of mainland Asia and Indonesia "Isles of India", the former East Indiesa vast nation among thousands of islands on the Sunda Shelflarge and small, inhabited and uninhabited.

An important consequence, however, was the slicing off of crustal rock from the top of the underthrusting plate. The collision reduced the speed of the oncoming plate, but the underthrusting, or subduction, of the plate has continued into contemporary times.

The three-continent system was an idea devised in Archaic Greecea time of Greek colonial expansion and trade throughout the Mediterranean and the spread of writing again. Definition of continental plates is the realm of geologists.

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Geographers consult them but they do not write geography unless they happen to be both. Crests in the Siwaliks, averaging from 3, to 5, feet to 1, metres in elevation, seldom exceed 6, feet 2, metres. The range narrows as it moves east and is hardly discernible beyond the Duarsa plains region in West Bengal state.

It is mostly in northwestern India but also extends into eastern Pakistan and is mainly an area of gently undulating terrain, and within it are several areas dominated by shifting sand dunes and numerous isolated hills.

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These varying definitions are not generally reflected in the map of Asia as a whole; for example, Egypt is typically included in the Middle East, but not in Asia, even though the Middle East is a division of Asia. In area, India ranks as the seventh largest country in the world.

That great, geologically young mountain arc is about 1, miles 2, km long, stretching from the peak of Nanga Parbat 26, feet [8, metres] in the Pakistani-administered portion of the Kashmir region to the Namcha Barwa peak in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

The second runs from Phoenicia to the Red Sea the ancient Red Sea comprised also the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean and from there to India, after which "no man can say what sort of region it is.

Most of the islands in the Indian Ocean are Asian. In the north the border between Asia and Europe is a meridian through the mouth of the Don River northward "to the unknown region. Those are especially prominent in the northwest, where the Zaskar Range and the Ladakh and Karakoram ranges all in Jammu and Kashmir state run to the northeast of the Great Himalayas.

Weakly indurated, largely deforested, and subject to heavy rain and intense erosion, the Siwaliks provide much of the sediment transported onto the plain. When British rule came to an end inthe subcontinent was partitioned along religious lines into two separate countries—India, with a majority of Hindus, and Pakistanwith a majority of Muslims; the eastern portion of Pakistan later split off to form Bangladesh.

Other religions, notably Buddhism and Jainismoriginated in India—though their presence there is now quite small—and throughout the centuries residents of the subcontinent developed a rich intellectual life in such fields as mathematics, astronomy, architecture, literature, music, and the fine arts.

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India Facts and Culture

For example, the borders of Central Asia and the Middle East depend on who is defining them and for what purpose. Stating that "continents are bounded more properly, when it is possible, by seas than by rivers," Ptolemy defines a three-continent system: Bangladesh to the east is surrounded by India to the north, east, and west.

Writing is a prerequisite of written geography. India remains one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.

In general, the ratio of bhangar areas to those of khadar increases upstream along all major rivers.India Cultural Analysis Using Hofstedes Cultural Dimension Analysis Schein Modelling by Mikael Thakur - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

The culture of India has been shaped by the long history of India. its unique geography and the absorption of customs. India is a complex country. India's. India's an analysis of the geography and culture of india an asian country languages, religions, the origin of clothes and the modern fashion today.

an analysis of the geography and culture of india an asian country Features there are endless possibilities offered by the internet map and brief descriptions of the geography. Photo Gallery Maps Geography Demographics Government Economy National Symbols Interesting Facts Current Events automática Sources Home Activities United States Edition Travel Edition Spanish Edition French Edition German Edition Sample Country Glossary.

India Facts and Culture. Food and Recipes.

Geography of Asia

Category: Geography Brazil Research Paper Analysis; Title: Country Analysis Of Brazil (Cultural Circumstances) My Account. Country Analysis Of Brazil (Cultural Circumstances) Although culturally different, Japan and India both do not favour the flat-pack concept.

Therefore, IKEA should ensure a financially viable plan is. Geography of Asia reviews geographical concepts of classifying Asia, The geographic nature of the country raises such questions as whether the sea and the seabed count as Asia.

which identified the likely climate change impacts during the next 30 years. The Asian countries of Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Thailand. Geography and History of India. Search the site GO. Geography. Country Information Basics India, formally called the Republic of India, is the country that occupies most of the Indian subcontinent in southern Asia.

History, Geography, Government, and Culture.

An analysis of the geography and culture of india an asian country
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