A review of the play good kids by naomi iizuka

Even now, of course, women and girls who are sexually assaulted have to live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives. Also, in terms of human resources and the communities you find within universities.

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Theater review: Absorbing 'Good Kids' explores troubling issues

Some of the 36 scenes are set in contemporary America while others are set in Japan several hundred years ago. About two-thirds of the way through, "Good Kids" gets preachy in a way that reminds me of the after-school specials of old. Some scenes are replayed, "Rashomon"-like, so that we get to see events from different points of view.

Under the steady direction of theater professor Anne Berkeley, a cast of college students delivers a thought-provoking production of this challenging work that explores how teen drinking, sex, social media and a culture of sports-driven hero worship make for a tragic blend in the expanse of strip malls, Friday night football and mean girls who "can break your soul" that is Everytown, USA.

The story centers on Chloe, a high school girl who gets drunk and is later drugged at a party, then driven to a basement by four high school boys and raped. In the past, he-said, she-said situations involving popular football players and girls who had too much to drink have not generally ended in justice for the girls.

She says the university is a particularly good pathway to develop her commissioned work because of the resources and diversity they can offer: What is it that creates a situation where this happens?

The natural question arises: The initiative is meant to support women playwrights and increase the number of roles for women on stage. The fictional story is based on real events out of small-town Steubenville, Ohio, in which high school football players gang-raped a girl who had passed out.

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Big Ten New Play Initiative: Good Kids

A full-on depiction of rape is certainly a bad idea, but backing off too far robs the play of some of its potential power. She has no memory of the event, but has to suffer the further indignity of having images and videos of the assault posted online.

Having taught at a number of schools as a guest artist, and now teaching at University of California—San Diego, it seems like the issue of sexual assault—and more importantly, the attitudes and misconceptions that create a climate where sexual assault is prevalent—seemed timely.

But the play rebounds to achieve some emotion by the end while raising crucial and fascinating issues. The cast is filled out by a collection of well-played high school stock characters, including the dumb jock Tommy Goodwin, solidthe well-intentioned, ineffectual weakling Will Ross, touchingthe mean girl who will totally hit you Amber Wrench, scarily good and the smart, ostracized emo chick who does the right thing when no one else will Olivia Ahmadi, outstanding.

But as the play shows, in a digital world in which nothing is ever truly deleted, the men and boys who perpetuate these assaults might now have to deal with the consequences of their actions more often than they used to.

In terms of material resources: Iizuka collapses classical literature and contemporary everyday life by making Minneapolis street kids the main characters of the play instead of mythical gods. The play focuses on the rumors and social aftermath.

Good Kids is about a drunk high school girl who is raped by a group of football players after a high school party. Most interesting, at least to me, is the way in which "Good Kids" shows how the often-decried digital world has the potential to level the playing field when it comes to these kinds of assaults.

As Chloe, Jana Petrova does an admirable job with a very tough role. Reilly Callaghan gives a strong performance as the golden boy quarterback with a sense of entitlement who participates in the assault, and Erin Sullivan is hateable but effective as the lead mean girl, Erin, whose party leads to tragedy.Oct 03,  · Naomi Iizuka’s new play, “Good Kids” – commissioned by the Big Ten Theatre Consortium, and now having its premiere at U-M – may be the first play you see that begins with someone asking.

"We're all good kids," says a high school student named Kylie (played by Wesleigh Neville), sarcastically, near the beginning of Naomi Iizuka's play "Good Kids." "Good Kids" is being staged. Big Ten New Play Initiative: Good Kids By Naomi Iizuka.

February 27 - March 7, Review by DC Metro Theater Arts. Good Kids is a shot of adrenaline that fuels a touchy discussion which should be happening on more college campuses nowadays. Give a shout out to UMD’s School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies for not being. Iizuka was commissioned to write Good Kids, as the first playwright to participate in the Big Ten Theatre Consortium's New Play Initiative, which was established to commission, produce, and publicize a series of new plays by female playwrights, each of which will contain several significant roles for college-aged women.

Good Kids has 22 ratings and 1 review. Something happened to Chloe after that party last Saturday night. Naomi Iizuka. · Rating details · Naomi Iizuka's most recent play, 17 Reasons (Why), was produced at Campo Santo + Intersection for the Arts and published by Stage and Screen in the anthology Breaking Ground: /5.

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Naomi Iizuka

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A review of the play good kids by naomi iizuka
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